Watch the inspirational music video for the brand new pop song, ‘Getup’, by¬†Gregory Allan!

A reflection on life and our attempts at many different projects, the trials and errors, successes and failures. The message is clear, only through ‘getting up’ from obstacles and showing determination can we finally conquer the difficulties before us.

With guidance, we can master our path to success! The video itself is a perfect example of this strong message which is in reality, quite applicable today. Filming on Australia Day, Gregory Allan was not aware of how relevant the message of his new release could become. Today the world faces incredible challenges due to the pandemic, and it is up to each individual to ‘Getup’ and rise above it! A release we can definitely relate to, watch now!

Australian native, Gregory Allan has been involved with music most of his life. Beginning at a young age playing drums, guitar, keyboard and later, DJing. After writing his own music for quite some time, he began sharing his music out to close friends for their feedback. It was their positive reaction that got him interested in pursuing music even further and releasing it to the world audience! Having already produced a number of songs, his first official release is ‘Getup’ which is aimed at inspiring listeners.

Gregory Allan chose the medium of dance to best portray the message of the song within the storyline. With his passion for cinematography coupled with music, Greg produced the video for ‘Getup’ to convey the message of what it is like to attempt, fall and eventually ‘Getup’ again!

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