For you who support me every step of the way, welcome (I owe you a beer!) To my new friends and you who don’t know me, my name is Mali-Koa Hood and I’m an Australian singer/songwriter based in the UK.

May is a brilliant and beautiful month of the year and it’s my pleasure to be working with my new-found pals at Flavourmag. Being far from home, the internet and I have spent the last 10 months in London becoming the best of pals. When my world isn’t all about writing and performing, I run a pretty little blog ( and DJ in a duo called “Double Trouble” ( sparkly!).

Craig David penned a chart-topping hit in 2002, and at the fresh-faced age of 11 I never looked back. “What’s ya flava” was only one gem in the musical mapping of my life. Romping through a world filled with Michael Jackson, Earth Wind and Fire, Whitney Houston – my love and pursuit of music has led me here, guest editing for this lovely lot and listening to my ‘noughties’ hero. Warm Welcome.

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I first stumbled into music with the support of my biggest fans; my family. Growing up, my time in the car was filled with the sounds of Robbie Williams and The Proclaimers. My Dad loved a wine and a sing along in the backyard till the early hours, my mums’s high-end tunes the sound of my early mornings. (Note: I’ve always taken after my Dad). With their support ($$$) I was able to tour most of Australia singing a tune, performing alongside world-class musicians (Lou Reed, Josh Groban, Opera Australia, Vienna Boys Choir) eventually turning it into a career as a session singer (big thanks to musical mentors, George Ellis, Adam Day and Jamie Rigg).

Wrapping up my teen years I stumbled into a degree at the Australian Institute of Music, immersing myself in the sounds of the world across genres and eras. It was here that I spent my time dreaming of the big-haired 80s, rowdy Woodstock and losing myself in the sounds of Soul. I learned my craft, drank too much beer and did a bunch of cool gigs (a stint on “The Voice Australia” included).

While I’d seen a bit of the world already, it was at 19 when I braved my first trip to the big, beautiful NYC (the land of dreams), further inspiring my music and introducing me to a life-long passion for travel, food and adventure.

I have memories of that trip, 30-degree heat with guitars scattered and musicians singing. A rooftop covered in street art and a cross town view facing outward from Brooklyn – I wanted to see more, sing more and explore more. After finishing up with Uni, I set sights on London and the unknown opportunities it had to offer.

Australia had already given me so much and it was time to take everything learnt to go and explore the world. This July marks 10 months since my cross-world move.

My last musical collaboration “Paint Me Black” was released in March. I pinched myself with the overwhelming support for the entire thing. It was a wonderful opportunity to write and record with fellow musician and friend Ben Hazlewood.

Each day brings new challenges and I’m enjoying championing them the best I can. I’m learning to be independent in a different city, listening to all the advice I’m given and feeling my way through my industry and other creative pursuits. I’ve worked most entry-level jobs, done the grimy pub gigs – but with my brand new start 2015 brings new music, plenty of blogs, VLOGS and little ditties like this.

I’ve found a new friend in Flavourmag and it’s an exciting opportunity for us to both collaborate. I’m looking forward to cooking up some wonderful content for you guys!

The month of May spells Spring and I’m all about dressing and listening appropriately, travelling in the EU (as the sun warms us up), and what’s happening this kicking festival season.

If you wanna have a look at my socials and see what I get up to, check out the links below!






Looking forward to sharing my May with you, stay tuned and be sure to follow the mag to stay connected. Happy Spring!

MKH xx