There’s a few choice statements that come to mind when mentioning Gugu Mbatha-Raw like; ‘Good grief she’s gorgeous’, ‘damn I feel very ugly’ ‘how high should I jump Gugu?’ and my favourite, ‘please be with me’.


While Gugu Mbatha-Raw is an absolute beauty making tsunami sized waves in the land of excess and dreams (being Hollywood)-UK residents will be pleased to know that Gugu (who is a talented singer as well) was born and bred in Oxford.

After training at the prestigious RADA (a beacon of acting excellence) she was able to secure performances with plays like; Romeo and Juliette playing the ill-fated main female character- the performance garnered her a best actress nomination. Treading the well tested and integrity bolstering platform of theatre she went onto TV bringing a measured balance of her huge talent as an actress and of course those ‘please save me she is so damn beautiful’ looks.


Initial appearances in 2004 on that institution that is Holby City (when will it end), the awesome Bad Girls and the cult show Doctor Who followed. These appearances were the foundations that led to the US calling her. She starred as the so sexy wifey of Boris Kodjoe in the all action Undercovers.

And then a massive coup when she appeared alongside Kiefer ‘I will kill you with my bare hands’ Sutherland and Karen David on the Fox production Touch. Her role as Talia with Hollywood heavyweight Tom Hanks in the popular rom com Larry Crowne (2011) put her firmly on the US radar.

It was of course her amazing performance as the lead character in the eponymous and inspiring film, Belle (2013) that really launched this UK resident’s acting credentials while of course sending every testosterone fuelled male into a rampaging musth and causing females to either admire her or look closely for flaws. She has no flaws because at each and every-time she looks hotter than a ginger man in temperatures above 25 degrees while sunbathing.

Follow-up films like Concussion (2015) and Beyond The Lights (June 2015 UK) have furthered her huge film star credentials and talent. Of course the fact that she is seriously hot eye candy can never and should never be ignored.

It’s a shame that those sexy photos are few and far between but when she does go into; ‘don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?’ she sends the machines that measure fitness (there are machines that do that) going into overdrive.

Check her swimsuit cover-water never looked so good.

guge swimsuit

Or what about this?

gugu new

She is every marketing company’s dream, Hollywood’s darling, the UK’s best export and every man or boy’s fantasy-we salute you while salivating Gugu!

Gugu Mbatha-Raw will be starring, Nate Parker, Minnie Driver, Machine Gun Kelly and Danny Glover in Beyond The Lights which has its UK release on 29th June. You can pre-order the DVD on Amazon.