After a prolonged hiatus due to the events of 2020, London’s vibrant cultural scene is slowly but surely springing back to life.

Among the eagerly anticipated returns is the revival of Hackney Carnival, set to make its triumphant comeback this summer after a whopping five-year hiatus.

Mark your calendars for Sunday 22nd September 2024, as the streets of Hackney will once again be filled with the rhythms of jubilant processions, colourful events, and joyous celebrations. It’s been five long years since the last carnival, but anticipation is running high for its grand return.

Preparations are already in full swing to curate an electrifying lineup for Hackney Carnival 2024. Expect nothing short of a spectacle as the borough’s streets transform into a vibrant canvas, adorned with eye-catching floats and exuberant costumes, reflecting the rich tapestry of cultures and diversity that define the area. Families can look forward to a day filled with creative activities and endless entertainment options.

Residents will have ample opportunities to participate in the festivities, whether it’s performing on stage, creating costumes, engaging in workshops, operating stalls, or volunteering. The carnival is a community-driven affair, and everyone is encouraged to play a part in its success. For more info visit

Image via Unsplash