Pitch Perfect 2 star Hailee Steinfeld is causing waves on the entertainment scene. The 18 years-old America actress has already got a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in the film ‘True Grit’ under her belt.

Not just an actress, Hailee Steinfeld is also a singer and now a pop sensation. Her latest track ‘Love Myself’ has started a frenzy on twitter, with people asking, “Is ‘Love Myself’ a song about masturbation”? The lyrics include this line “I’m gonna touch the pain away // I know how to scream my own name.” Sounds pretty much like masturbation to us.

Let’s go back to Hailee’s acting and where have you seen her before.

Here’s clip from Hailee Steinfeld’s True Grit performance

And you do you remember the ‘First Kiss scene from Romeo and Juliet starring alongside Douglas Booth?

And let’s not forget her performance as Petra Arkanian in ‘Ender’s Game starring alongside the legend Harrison Ford

From Harrison Ford to ‘Body Guard’ star Kevin Costner, Hailee Steinfeld is racking up the celebrity kudos with these well known actors. Here’s the trailer for ‘3 Days To Kill’, where she played Zooey Renner.

Wanna see more? Well Hailee Steinfeld is ‘Agent 83’ in the new movie ‘Barely Lethal’ which stars, Samuel L. Jackson and Jessica Alba.

And you can also she Hailee in the Taylor Swift ft. Lemar ‘Bad Blood’ video too

Her CV is already looking like an A-Lister that has been on the scene for many years. With Pitch Perfect 3 announced and many more movies to come. You should follow Hailee Steinfeld’s progress and she WILL blow.