Women with flowing pink hair - Hair Extensions For Thin Hair

A large reason why many people opt for hair extensions, apart from length, is to increase their natural hair’s volume. And understandably so – who doesn’t want voluminous, thick locks?

While it makes complete sense to want thicker hair when yours is more on the thin side, knowing what to look for can be a bit challenging. There are so many options available and different ones can have different effects on your hair.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up five tips for you to consider when using extensions and getting the most out of them.

1. Choosing The Right Hair Extensions Application Method: Clip-in Or Tape-in

When considering hair extensions, you want to make sure that you go for the option that will do the least damage to your hair, especially if it’s thin in texture. Hair strands naturally fall out every day, but the last thing you want to do is cause an abnormal amount of hair to fall out unnecessarily.

Clip-in and tape-in extensions are the best choices for avoiding this. Clip-in extensions allow a lot of customisation in terms of how much thickness you want and they’re also simple to attach. With these though, it’s best to choose extensions that aren’t extremely heavy.

Tape-in extensions don’t weigh down the hair strands, which makes a great choice for thinner hair. This type is also known to be versatile, allowing you to attach them to very thin strands of hair without worrying about them falling out.

2. Blend Extensions In WIth Curls

Curly hair naturally appears thicker and bouncier than straight hair – whether your hair is thin or not.

When wanting to make your hair extensions look as natural as possible, adding curls into your hair is the way to go. Change up the size of the curls and the directions which they go to add maximum volume.

If you’re worried about your extensions being visible, curling the hair is a good way to stay clear of this, making your confidence skyrocket.

Hair Extensions For Thin Hair

3. Don’t Be Afraid Of Dry Shampoo And Teasing

Thin hair can often make it difficult for clips and accessories to remain in place, let alone hair extensions. To avoid this, the extensions need to have somewhere solid to clutch onto.

Spraying the roots and teasing them slightly with a comb will ensure that there is enough grip for the extensions. You don’t have to go crazy with the dry shampoo or teasing, just enough so you can feel that secure hold.

Doing these two things will also naturally help with added volume, with or without the extensions.

4. Try Out Faux Ponytails Or Buns

In addition to flowy hair extensions, you can find gorgeous faux ponytails and buns that can add an equally desired amount of volume.

If you want to change up your hairstyle without the stressful commitment or the high cost, opting for one of these choices makes for a quick solution. There are many beautiful options available to clip right in, without the need for professional help.

5. Post-Application Care Is Just As Important

Once your hair extensions have been applied and you’re happy with your new locks, you can’t forget to maintain them afterwards.

With really good extensions, working out, swimming, and rocking up or down hairstyles won’t mess them up. Though there are some specific rules that you should stick to, to ensure your extensions’ longevity.

Don’t go to sleep with wet hair – this can cause very bad tangles and affect the condition of their grip. Be gentle when you do your hair as well. It goes without saying, but tugging and pulling at the extensions will naturally loosen them and shorten their lifespan.

Finally, use the products that are suggested with the extensions. These products are recommended for good reason – to keep them in the best condition as possible.

Your thin hair doesn’t need to be a sore subject for you anymore. The extensions available for your hair type specifically is incredible; you just need to be aware of what to look out for!