Laura, 24, from Sydney, has been living in London for over two years and has clearly adjusted well to the weather. ‘I’ve recently changed my look again,’ she says. ‘It used to be florescent pink and purple. It’s a lot of maintenance and hard work, but it’s worth it.’ She bleaches and recolours her hair every week with La Riche Directions hair colour to keep the look vibrant. Laura’s advice is to alter shampoo and conditioner as her hair ‘gets used to the product and no longer works’.












Twenty-year-old Anna is from Liverpool and has recently died her hair to this mango/copper tone, making a big difference from her natural mousy blonde. ‘I had originally died it bright red at first,’ she tells us, ‘but didn’t like it, and then went ginger. This up-bun look is a typical Scouser thing, really. Quick and easy.’ To maintain this style, Anna uses L’Oréal Mousse Intense hair dye and only washes her mane once a week to avoid stripping the colour and nutrients.











Naomi from Australia has been living in London for more than 20 years now. Today she is sporting a pixie crop with a kick, having just had her hair cut at Compton Hair salon. Only months ago her tresses used to be shoulder length with flicks at the end, until she decided to go for it and get a more modern look. ‘I felt a bit silly taking in a picture of Rhona Cameron (UK stand-up comedienne and writer),’ she says. Nothing wrong with using imagery to get the image you’re after; good on ya, Naomi!










Twenty-three-year-old David has been inspired by the quiff of 1950s when it comes to his new style, after recently making the decision to dress his bonce in something different than his former ‘frizzy and relaxed’ – as he calls it – hairdo. To achieve this more defined and simply gorgeous look, a world away from his former do, David says he uses hair wax and straighteners, although ‘I don’t use a particular brand, just which ever is cheap at the time.’ If it works…