The Afro, made popular in the 1960s, is where the natural hair is picked and moulded into a large, rounded shape. Many African-Caribbean women are once again choosing to wear their hair this way. If you’d like to try this stunning look, then award-winning stylist Dionne Smith tells you how…

Creating an afro

The first step is to wash and condition the hair so it is wet, and then separate it into small square sections.


Add foam wrapping mouse with a little bit of essential oil for shine and make two strand twists: twist, twist, twist it, and then bump it down into Chinese bumps and secure it down with small rubber bands. Repeat throughout the whole head.


Sit under the dryer to dry; leave overnight for about two nights. Then pick out the twists with your fingers until it loosens out and creates a crinkled Afro affect or soft curls, decided by your personal hair texture. This super versatile hairstyle can be worn in the day or evening, depending on how you dress it.



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Dionne is an award winning Hair Stylist specialising in Afro and European Hair Types. I regularly shoot for Black Beauty and Hair Magazine, and I now style for Sleek Hair styling models for all advertising/ promotional material and weave/braid packets. I also do lots of celebrity and model shoots for Flavour Magazine and I session style with Malcolm Edwards on London Fashion Week. I have styled lots of models, completed celebrity make-overs and I really enjoy my job and the creativity of it. I can do casual styles, fabulous colouring to very Avant Garde!