At Tropic Skincare, we’re well aware that your skin still needs a little bit of love in the colder months.

With Halloween, Christmas, and New Year very close together, we’ve decided to compile some skincare tips to keep you right during the party season!


Time to indulge!

It’s inevitable this time of year. Rich food and sweets, alcohol, and (if you’re doing it right) not much sleep can wreak absolute havoc on your face. From spots to dryness, we’ve got something to tackle it!

Spots – argh!

Many of you will know that after a few days of eating junk food, you’ll probably encounter a nasty breakout of spots on your face, often on your chin or forehead. Tackle it before it properly appears with our Radiance Clay Mask. Let’s face it, none of us fancy skimping on Halloween sweets!


Tight skin

If your skin decides to swing the other way and tighten up, our Brightening Polish will help to scrub away excess dry skin. Remember to pack on our Skin Revive moisturiser afterwards, to avoid over-drying the skin.

If your skin is just generally giving up on you, our Tamanu healing balm may help! It helps to repair damaged and scarred skin with tons of natural extracts.

No sleep?

A lack of sleep can only mean one thing; eye bags and dark circles! The avoid giving away that you had an hours sleep last night, use our Eye Refresh roll-on. The rollerball applicator massages your eye area, whilst a super-cooling blend of natural extracts help to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

The big cover up
We understand that it sometimes all goes to pot no matter how well you take care of your skin. Only ten minutes to get ready for work? Apply our Illuma Brightening Concealer to reduce any signs of fatigue.

If you’ve been invited to a last minute Christmas party then a swipe of Colour Click Lipstick and you’re good to go!

Remember the golden rule; always, always, ALWAYS remove your makeup before you go to sleep. After a big Halloween, Christmas or New Year’s party, it can be tempting to doze off with it on. But did you know sleeping in your makeup can age your skin by up to a week? It may not seem like much, but it’ll add up over time. Remove every last scrap with our smoothing and soothing face cleanser. No more panda eyes!

We’ve been making natural beauty products for over ten years now. Our products are all-natural, effective, and most importantly, we don’t test on animals. Contact us today for more info!