David3If you are a fan of Johnny Kemp then you may be familiar with artists from The Bahamas; if not then prepare to be educated. The newest addition to this small island’s artists repertoire is David Hanna. The pioneer of what he calls new island soul; Hanna will set the music scene alight with fresh flavours and a new take on contemporary r’n’b. All set for his single release this month, David let us know about his early career, what he has in store for us and of course; his favourite film.

So, your debut single ‘Do to Me’ is due for release. Tell me about the journey you have gone through to get to this point.
For several years I was part of a group called 4 minutes 2 twelve.  However, being in a group for me got way too closed.  There were things I wanted to do which I could not pursue because decisions were always made collectively.  So I left to do my own thing.  Don’t worry, we still tight. Lemme send a shout-out to C4, Torre and Dam-dam who got his single coming through.

For those who haven’t heard the song or seen the video; what is Do to Me about?
Do to Me is about decisions, guilt and surprisingly loyalty.  Here I am with this pie [girl] who is more than ready to get it on and all I am thinking about is my girl waiting for me at home.

Was it written from personal experience?
Definitely, it is a struggle we all go through.  We all have to face that temptation!

The video was shot in your native Nassau. Is this your first video?
Yes Do to Me is my first video. Respect to Ryan Lightbourn for creating the magic in that video.  Everything in that is video is straight up 242.

Do you write your own material?
Yes I do, I also have my music produced by R-sharp and other members of the Oppositions, a producing and remixing outfit.  That’s my right hand dread!

You’ve spent time as a producer after splitting from your group. How does it feel being back in the spotlight rather than behind the scenes producing songs?
It’s good because I’m able to fully put out my message with my personal stamp on it.

You have defined your sound as new island soul. Can you explain the term a bit more?
Island Soul is a laid-back sound over some banging beats.  This reflects the general atmosphere of the 242.  The one thing people say when they come down here is how laid back everything is over here.  My music reflects that general attitude.

I realise you’ve listened to a lot of different music growing up. What/who inspires your music now?
I love old soul, the Temptations, the Twilights, Stevie Wonder.  I love the old Bahamian greats The Beginning of the End (Funky Nassau), T-Connection, Johnny Kemp.  Everything I absorb has an effect on my music.

Do you feel the floodgates have recently been opened for Caribbean artists because of artists like Rihanna and Shontelle from Barbados?
No not really.  I say that because there has always been some Caribbean Flavour in Music, with anyone from Bob Marley, Harry Belafonte, Billy Ocean to Arrow, Buju, and Shabba plus many others past and present. Rihanna and Shontelle are just new additions to that fabric.

How important is it for you to maintain a Caribbean sound throughout your music?
I was born and bred in the 242. It’s a part of me.  No matter what I do I am going project and reflect the 242.

Tell us about Rake ‘n’ Scrape and whether it will play a part in your own music?
Rake n Scrape is raw Island Music.  Today it consists of a saw, some goatskin drums and a melody from a concertina.  I have a few bangers which incorporate Rake n Scrape and junkanoo.

You’ve spent some time on the album; ‘The War Outside‘. When is it due for release?
I’m still working on it and I think it’ll be an amazing album.  Hopefully we should finish in time for a summer release.

Do you have any London dates where people can hear more of you?
Nothing concrete yet, but there will definitely be a few dates supporting the release of Do To me in February/March.

Lastly, what is your favourite film and why?
It’s got to be Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It’s one of those films that opened my mind for exploring and being an adventurist in life!

For events, updates and more information on David visit David Hanna on Facebook and www.sheppardboyrecords.com. Do to Me is released January 24

Interview by Charlotte Murphy



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