The Ha:Mo project by Toyota i-ROAD is the latest innovation in eco-friendly cars to hit the streets. While flying cars might be a while off yet, Toyota has taken a leap into the future with i-Road.

Toyota wants to create a new city transportation system for the next generation called Ha:mo. They aim to decrease traffic gridlock by mixing the new ultra micro i-ROAD with public transportation. The idea is simple: hire an i-Road, drive it where you like, then return it to your closest docking station, ready for the next person (think Barclays Bikes in London). The unique concept is on a fast track to change the way we think about urban mobility, giving commuters a viable alternative to driving their cars to work and lowering congestion in the process.

Watch the video below and see for yourself.

Can you imagine what it would be like when they release this in the UK? These snazzy little vehicle’s will be a head turner on launched. Trendy enough for the cool kids and versatile enough for everyone else. We can wait to give these a test drive.

Toyota if you are reading this, you NEED to bring this to the UK right away, we cannot wait any longer.

The Ha:mo project is currently undergoing testing in Grenoble, France, find out more about the project here:

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