Retro 80’s new wave band Head Fake is remixed by London-based Deep House/Dub artists Dub Fu Masters!

This is an incredibly exciting release and a really fun concept that explores mass appeal by deliberately catering to the tastes of most pop and dance music fans whilst also creating something incredibly original. This epic EP is definitely worth checking out, the music video for ‘One Step’ is one to completely lose yourself in, and provides a perfect scene to pair with the trippy, gritty track! We can’t wait to see and hear more! Let go of your mind and experience the rave, Head Fake vs Dub Fu Masters aim to please with this release, and we can guarantee you’ll appreciate this collaboration.

OUT NOW Listen here

Blending retro synths with modern tools, Head Fake’s trio of semi-anonymous (music before beauty) veteran artists/producers hail from both sides of the pond. They bring the unique sounds and energy of transformational 80’s music to the ears of both a new generation and their nostalgic parents. Collectively, Head Fake boasts production credits on countless albums and singles from celebrated industry names, independent acts and film soundtracks.

Evolving from a late-night jam session by the two founding members, Head Fake has received a strong critical reception to its first three EPs. For Fans of Depeche Mode, New Order, Duran Duran, MK and Duke Dumont, this release is a perfect mash-up of two incredible music era’s which tease the ears of different generations!

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