Have you ever wanted to be “Healthy” but life gets in the way? You have tried everything; Diets, Exercise or Detox. Yet your work and personal life’s balance is hanging by the thread, don’t worry I got you covered.

My simple hacks will be getting you organised, if you try these for 21 days and watch your body, budget and time improve.

Containers: Forget those dry, dusty plastic containers that you may get from eating last night ice cream. Let’s update to 2016 by getting some sexy Bento Boxes, these sexy boxes are great for portion control, easy on the eyes. All you need is something sexy to accompany your fabulous boxes, so have fun and get creative with your food.

bento box

Jars the sexy life: When we think of jars, jam normally comes to mind lets flip that concept. Jars are a great way to see the layers of deliciousness. Done right your colleague will be like “mmm I see you packed lunch where is mines”

Try to get removable and microwavable jars to make it easy to heat up your food.  Jars are best for the following: Pot noodle, Overnight Porridge (breakfast), Summer Salad, Fruit Smoothies and Detox Waters.

Sauce Up Your Life: Now I know what your thinking, Sauces really Nureen, well while I was in Thailand I had the best meals for 80p, “I kid you not” and what I found when cooking these dishes is, these dishes are super easy because it’s all about the sauce. By making a few homemade sauces stored in the fridge for the week, this will cut your cooking time by half. See below for my top 5 sexiest sauce combos.

Portion Out:  Freezer bags are a great way to portion out your vegetables and meals. You can literally place a few vegetables with garlic or and thyme, then store the veggie bag in your freezer. Use when needed (who needs Birdseye when you can do it yourself), Why not get creative and add some cooked rice and beans to your veggie bags.

Foil Parcels: As you can guess it is all about being prepared, foil parcels are an easy way not only for portion control but also reduce cooking time. Plus, you can pack them away in your freezer, defrost and then cook when needed.

foil parcels

Snack Attack: The office cupboards or sin cupboards, and by sin I mean where you may keep your sugary treats and crisps. Treat yourself better by having the right foods, for example a jar of homemade sweet spice vanilla nuts and seeds or my personal favourite salt and pepper nuts/seeds. You can also go for fruits that are non-perishable like apples or pears, why not try an avocado it’s ripened in the dark, plus it’s absolutely fabulous for glowing healthy skin.

Stock Rotation/Clear out your Fridge: Think of your fridge as a supermarket, they do stock rotation all the time. Use the old items first and for the new items you cook later, this prevents wastage. Sometimes we just keep buying and storing not so healthy food! In your freezer you should make space for your meal preps and veggie bags. Use when needed.

Make a Menu: This menu is the best menu you will ever make; do you know why? It will consist of dishes you actually want to eat. I’m not talking about dry boring food. I’m talking about dishes you love and you will get excited to eat, this is known as Restaurant Inspired Meals. If you don’t know how to cook, why not watch some videos on YouTube while following the recipes. Easy!!

Don’t follow the current diet or health trends, just eat Sexy Delicious Food and in turn you will feel and look sexy and lush. Until next time, Nureen your Rebel Nutritionist/Chef.