The girls are set to support big artists like Deaf Havana and Attention Thieves in Reading, this Friday so what a perfect way for me to tell you about the album and what to expect from the girls.

The first song, which is the new single Knots is quite the banger, really uplifting and one you will be singing away to with, which has caused quite a storm already and for those who will be seeing the girls on Friday will be too!

There are other songs like False Hope, which have great sentiment to them and is quite personal to the girls.

Like I said before, you will be singing along to this album before you know it and songs like Keep Yourself Amused and Slow It Down, you won’t be able to get them out of your head!

Lexi Clark is such a great drummer and with Lines, reminds me a bit of Green Day with a punk rock feel to it!

Please keep an eye out for these four girls, as they are meant for big things and if you love the album then please go and support them at their up and coming launch on the 6th November in Guildford as I will be there 🙂

Wish the girls all the luck and it’s a 10 in the words of strictly!!

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