South Londoner, Yungen has been setting the UK emcee game a buzz with his on point bars for a short bit now.

Features with names like Tinchy Stryder and Angel pepper his cv but he has by all accounts been rather quiet..or has he? Well truth be told while new music (up until now) has not been the order of the day, Yungen has been putting in the critical ground-work. This year ground work for Yungen includes touring with Naughty Boy, Wretch and Emeli Sandi and now Yungen is set to support the big US name Future on his UK tour.

What about new music I hear you ask? Well of course Yungen is on the promo trail at the moment with some fresh material and the Black n Red project which is set for release in November. Featuring a whole host of pivotal collabos (think Wretch) it may not be too long before Yungen because a real household name.

So let’s get to the question-you seem to have been quiet for a bit of time what have you been doing?

To the public I was quiet but I was actually on tour and recording my new project. To the outside world I was not of course releasing videos but for me I was still working because that is just what I do really. I am always on the ball thinking of new things and thinking about what I am going to do next and getting it done. So it is in fact I have not been quiet really just some different aims.

I know part of your time was filled with touring with Naughty Boy-it must have taught you a lot?

It was an amazing to be on the road with him. It was such a great learning experience where I was working with live bands which is something that I have never done before-I had never actually done a session before. It was great because I learnt how important it is to connect with the crowd that you are in front if. Truthfully rappers don’t really do that thing but it’s vital that you can perform to a live crowd. When I was on tour with Naughty Boy, Tinie Tempah was also on tour-it was great to see a fellow rapper performing in front of a live crowd.

How did the Naughty Boy hook up happen?

The studio I use is right next door to Naughty and I have known him for a while. My manager is good friends with him and he basically asked my manager if I would like to support him so I said ‘yes’.

Black n Red project big features?

With the mix-tape I basically wanted to go back to when I first started making music and why I started making music, you know the fact that it was fun but also the fact that I could write lyrics to music that I enjoyed. It got to a point where I was a bit lost about the music I wanted to make but when I started to make this project I was just feeding off my emotions which is why there are two part;  project Black n Red, Project Black sometimes I was unhappy and angry and sometimes I was happy hence Red.

Any plans for a launch for the mix-tape?

I actually I have my own show The Red And Black project where I will be headlining on the 6th November, that’s my first headline show actually so I am definitely looking forward to.