Following on from our Victoria’s Secret Sexy Halloween Outfits – Get the Look and Best Halloween dresses and outfits for 2015 we are pleased to share with you H&M’s new Halloween collection.

H&M has rounded up some costumes including leopard print catsuit, dresses, bodysuits and even a panda costume along with novelty shirts perfect for the Fright Night holiday. Whether you are looking to prowl around in a catsuit or put on an adorable panda costume, H&M has all the looks you need for Halloween.

Leopard-print catsuit £14.99

Leopard-print catsuit

Butterfly dress £19.99

Butterfly dress

Spider dress £14.99

Spider dress

Panda costume £24.99

Panda costume

Bodysuit with burnout pattern £12.99

Bodysuit with burnout pattern

Sweatshirt with a print £5.99

Sweatshirt with a print

Patterned jersey dress £12.99

Patterned jersey dress

Leopard-print catsuit £12.99

Leopard-print catsuit