I am an H&M type of girl, but I have never tried any of their cosmetics. I always veer away from make-up and nail polishes sold by clothing retailers as I just assumed the quality would be bad, but last week I was in H&M when I saw a wall of nail polishes; the colours were so bright, loud and popping I thought I have got to purchase some of these bad boys.

H&M Nail Polish

Nail Varnish

I bought this bright mustard yellow, and I paired it with this glittery blue, I found that the glitter colour was a little sparse so I used my China Glaze Neon Turned up Turquoise as a base colour first. A good tip for glitter polishes is not to stroke them on with the brush as you normally would but rather to pat the brush down on to the nail, that way more glitter is transferred over.

The quality of these polishes wasn’t amazing. The yellow was quite runny and it needs about three coats for good coverage, they also take quite a while to dry. On the other hand they did only cost £2.99 each, so for the money it’s not so bad. Put it this way I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy one of their polishes, but if I happened to be perusing the aisles in H&M and spotted an unusual colour, I might just pick it up. I would recommend a fast drying top coat or quick dry nail varnish spray though.

H&M Nail Polish

Lip Pencil

There are quite a few companies doing Lip Pencils at the moment, I really like the idea of them, as they look like giant crayons from childhood memories; it’s probably the big kid in me that draws me in to such things. This H&M light pink lip pencil is not that great quality either, it’s ok, it didn’t wow me and it’s not a terrible product. It adds a tint of colour to the lips. It feels lovely and creamy, I do like the colour, a light summery pink. Again this was £2.99, for the price it’s ok but I wouldn’t spend more than that. I guess the moral of the story is to go with my gut, and not by cosmetics from clothing retailers…. Unless I see a really pretty colour that is.

Flavourmag h&m Lipstick

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