HONOR and Christian Venables have unveiled a bunch of artworks that blend the HONOR 90 design philosophy with Venables’ digital art skills, using creative AI tools to incorporate the colours and back cover elements of the HONOR 90 into his artworks.

The pieces that have been shared totally capture those awesome summer vibes. The artworks are inspired by the Diamond Silver and Emerald Green colourways of the upcoming HONOR 90. Venables really tapped into the device’s vibe by using AI to create these unique pieces. It’s amazing what technology can do these days, right?

Christian Venables, the artist and director of CSV Studio, seems really stoked about this collaboration. He mentioned getting a sneak peek at the new HONOR smartphone, and he loved its beautiful design. That served as a rich tapestry for him to work with the creative AI tools and produce these artworks.

Speaking of the HONOR 90, it’s supposed to be the perfect smartphone for the younger generation. It’s designed with all the features and camera capabilities that allow you to create, capture, and share your vibe. And these AI-generated artworks by HONOR and Venables take that concept to a whole new level. They’re using artificial intelligence to create, capture, and share the vibe of the upcoming device. It’s all about expressing yourself and spreading positive vibes.

Oh, and did you hear about the HONOR Talents Global Design Awards? This year, they’re encouraging young people to create art using AI software. They’re even introducing AIGC artworks in the design contest, which is a first in the smart terminal industry. It’s so cool to see HONOR empowering young people to excel in technology, art, and humanity.

If you want to check out those AIGC artworks, they’re available on HONOR’s official social networks and more information will be released on the upcoming HONOR 90 launch event.