How 24h tubes will change our dating life for good.

With the news that 24 hour tubes will soon be in our lives on the Jubilee, Victoria and stretches of the Central, Northern and Picadilly lines. On Fridays and Saturdays, but how does this effect our dating lives? Here’s it what to do now in preparation.

1) You’ll never need to leave a good party.  90% of number exchanges happen after midnight so thats a 700% increase in potential hook ups. 600% of those you will wish you didn’t give your number too.  Install BB messenger so you can give out your pin instead and block away when you sober up.


2) There is no excuse to leave a bad party.  Add some pics on your Facebook of some kids, a puppy or an airport run in advance of all social engagements for a new excuse to leave.

3) You are going to be accosted by drunk weirdos on the tube, FACT! You have a year to take up a martial art.

4) Your walk of shame will now be all the way from the tube station. Be prepared .

5) You’re going to save a fortune in cabs.  Put the money into a shoe fund so the walk of shame can be done in style.


6) You couldn’t get home so slept over and then inevitably had sex? This can’t happen again if there is a tube home.  New good reasons for coy sex….Move to the district line and keep your integrity intact.


7) With increased tube banter the chance of meeting a hot stranger on the way home just rocketed. Be ready, be pretty and not close to puking.  Fix yourself before leaving the club so you’re not rocking home a little askew.


8) You may well end up falling asleep and waking up in some boring, far flung places.  Ever been to Cockfosters? No? You will now. Keep your purse stocked with back and forth tube essentials