When you own or manage a public venue, there may be a number of aspects you want to consider to help it find success.

One of these could be the atmosphere that the venue provides. While bright lighting may be suitable in some stores, many pubs, clubs, music halls, and even cafes and restaurants can benefit from a more intimate feel. To create this, you might want to think about the furnishings and decorations that are involved.

Lighting can make quite a grand difference to the way that a venue might feel. If your venue is often used during the working day, perhaps by other professionals, you may want to consider lighting that allows them to see clearly or lighting that won’t be reflected off of a laptop screen. Alternatively, for a more intimate feel, especially when providing romantic or evening entertainment, you may want to think about dimming those lights down. This can be achieved by installing high bay lights. One of the great benefits here can be how these lights can be adjusted in terms of brightness, meaning it may be possible to have more light during the day, and then tone it down as evening approaches. This could be especially important for those business owners who wish to cater to a variety of different people.

The use of plants could also help to adjust the atmosphere in your venue, and even contribute towards increasing the number of clients you have. You may need to consider whether real or artificial plants are better for your business. Artificial plants can involve less maintenance but, depending on the quality, may not look completely authentic. Alternatively, you could opt for real plants, yet you will need to deal with their upkeep. In some instances, such as when serving food, you might want to steer clear of real foliage, as the smells may hamper the food you provide or be too pungent for guests.

You may also be able to improve the atmosphere in your venue through the use of music. Venues that offer live performances may already have this covered, especially by booking a variety of artists of different genres to cater to different people. In pubs or restaurants, you might want to think about having some background music that doesn’t impede people’s ability to communicate with one another. Whichever you choose, it can be important to first ensure that you have the correct licencing in place to permit you to have music in the first place.

Creating the right atmosphere in your venue can be imperative to gaining the type of clientele you desire. By spending a bit of extra time thinking about the scene you want to set, whether business, romantic or something entirely different, you may be able to come up with a number of different ways that you can help your customers to feel that much more relaxed and in the correct setting. Asking for feedback from current customers may also be a great way of finding avenues that you have not yet explored.

Image via unsplash