While many fitness coaches discuss the importance of exercise, not everyone has the financial capacity to be able to afford private training or even a membership to a local gym.

For some, this can be seen as a barrier to getting that all-important exercise. You don’t need to have lots of money at your disposal, or even live in a rural environment, to be able to get in good physical health. Instead, you can consider what you do have around you, and how this can potentially work to your advantage.

Home Exercise

Some people feel like they cannot exercise at home, especially if they live in a small apartment, but this is not always the case. Certain types of exercise can be undertaken in small living areas, such as squats and weight training. By using this 20kg kettlebell, you can exercise a number of different muscles from the comfort of your living room. To help motivate you, you could even choose to play your favourite music, or watch television, but it is also important to have some level of concentration on what you are doing so that you can ensure you use the correct posture and do not do yourself any damage. This can also be a good option for those who feel anxious about exercising publicly, as it allows you to stay away from the public, as well as building your self-confidence and stamina.

Take it Outside

A lack of parks or nature doesn’t mean that you need to forego exercise, or that it will not be enjoyable. Even busier communities might have some periods where it is quieter, allowing you to go for walks or jogs. To help make the process more enjoyable, you could also invest in some sports earphones, which will allow you to listen to your favourite tracks. As with the point above, this can also help if you feel a level of anxiety about exercising publicly. Going for walks and jogs is also something that can be done with friends, so you can make it a pleasant group activity, rather than simply a necessity to complete.


If your workplace is quite far away, it is understandable that you may want to drive or take the bus or train. However, for those whose workplaces are relatively close by, you might want to consider turning your commute into an opportunity to exercise. Cycling or walking to work can save you money on gas or ticket prices, allow yourself to keep fit, and even help to cut down on air pollution from traffic fumes.

In addition to this, you may be able to source local parks or green areas online. If these aren’t too far away, or too expensive to get to, you might want to consider using these for exercise as well. Living in the city comes with many perks, and you can still make your health and physical well-being one of them.