How Can Tiles Make My Bathroom Feel Bigger?

Your bathroom isn’t just a place where you get yourself clean. It can also be a welcome retreat after a hard day.

However, when the room isn’t as large as you might like, you may often feel rather cramped in the space, especially if you need to fit in a bath, shower, sink, and toilet. To stop feeling like the walls are closing in on you, you may want to think about utilising wall and floor tiles.

The use of a professional tiler can make the task that much simpler. Rather than you having to learn the trade yourself, you could search from a number of Checkatrade tilers to see who is available to install them in your bathroom. They may be able to help level out uneven surfaces and even assist you in choosing tile designs and shades that could help to maximise the space available to you. At the same time, it can also be good to consider the shade of grout which may both complement the tiles you have chosen, and again go towards making the space appear bigger.

Certain types of tiles might also have a number of purposes in your bathroom. A shiny finish on a light-coloured tile can make it easy for light to reflect around the room. In contrast, matte paint, especially in a dark tone, might absorb more of the light, contributing to that closed-in feel that you wish to avoid. 

While mirror tiles can be great for improving the surfaces that light can reflect off of, their finish might also prevent soap scum from being as noticeable. In short, this can reduce the amount of time you need to spend cleaning these surfaces. This could be incredibly beneficial for those who don’t want to wipe down all of the tiled surfaces after each use of the room. Alongside this, mirrored tiles can also be rather easy to clean, allowing you to wipe or wash away any dirt that could otherwise permanently mar other types of flooring or wall designs.

Tiles can also be used to create more significant illusions within your bathroom. Although it can be nice to mix up the colours and patterns used on the floor and walls, choosing the same design for both might also work in your favour. This way, the position of the walls may be more subtle and seamless. Likewise, larger tiles might also contribute toward a perception of more space, especially if also combined with a fairly light coloured grout.

Reflective tiles can be a great way to enhance the space of your bathroom, and reduce the level of effort you need to put into keeping the room clean. To really bring it all together, you could also have mirror tiles fitted, rather than hanging a mirror itself, to keep everything on the same level. Within this, using light, reflective tiles could make the room feel much bigger than it actually is, enabling you to relax and unwind.