When the person you love has agreed to marry you, you might want to share this good news with your loved ones.

Rather than holding off all celebrations until the wedding itself, some people like to have an event to mark this occasion. Yet, it can be difficult to decide how to best celebrate your engagement. By considering what you and your spouse-to-be like, as well as a budget, you might be able to plan a genuinely memorable party. 

Having some kind of surprise or theme to your engagement party can be quite fun. One of the ways you might want to really leave people in awe can be through the use of fireworks. A small, sensible display of products bought at could show people that your life together is going to start with a bang. If you’d rather have something quieter, you might want to consider asking each person attending your party to have a sparkler to commemorate the day. This can also be great for any photos taken, especially for celebrations that occur later on in the day. If possible, a display set to music, known as a pyromusical, can make the entire event look classy.

Serving food at your engagement party might also be something you want to think about. However, hiring a caterer can be rather expensive, especially when you may now want to think about saving money for your big day. Instead, you might want to think about providing the food yourself. A full meal, especially of many courses, can be rather time-consuming, expensive, and stressful, especially if you have different dietary requirements to think about. Alternatively, you might want to buy or make some quick and easy street foods that can be eaten buffet style. This can help you to ensure that everyone has something to eat, without you needing to put in too much work or money.

While you might have some of the food and entertainment covered, you may need to think about the rest of the evening. Some people prefer to have a party that involves mingling and dancing. They may be happiest hiring a DJ and setting up a disco, so that guests can eat, drink, and dance. However, you might want something that requires a bit more interaction, or keeps the focus on your pending nuptials. Spacing the evening out with a number of engagement party games can help your guests to feel like they are more of a part of your engagement. You may also be able to have fun, and even get to know your partner’s family and friends that much better from doing so.

While getting engaged is mostly about the couple in question, it is understandable that both of your loved ones’ may want to celebrate alongside you. Figuring out ways to host an engagement party, and cut down on costs and effort on your part, could allow you to do so while not breaking into your wedding fund.

Image via unsplash