So the name Cherri V comes back to our lips after her exploits as one half of the rather fantastic Dora Martin.


Presently Cherri V steps out as a solo artist again and gives us, Athazagoraphobia which is like nectar to a ravenous humming bird.

I hear you cry; ‘what does that title even mean?’-Athazagoraphobia is the fear of being forgotten, or forgetting or ignored. Well of course it’s obvious what I will write next-how could we forget Cherri V when she drops Athazagoraphobia?

It’s soulful, it’s rnb, it’s Cherrie V dropping that exquisite voice of hers on 6 tracks.

It sees Cherri in a more reflective less up-beat mood but it works because we get to hear Cherri really tell the stories not just in words but emotionally as we feel her emotional spectrum like we are laying bare our own fears, wants and wishes.

It really should have a subtitle that proudly states- ‘Ladies’ Anthems’ because that is exactly what you get. I am not saying that suddenly Cherri V has gone all feminist, spouting such things as, ‘I don’t need a man, because I will impregnate myself’ or indeed suddenly feeling that she needs to grow a beard (neatly shaped of course) and subsequently calling herself She-Man as she steps on some dude’s neck, no, these are anthems for uplifting women, embracing the needs of women and why not?

Personal favourites are hard to really firmly state because each track seeps into your soul with equal measures but at the time of writing this piece I am going to go for 2016 but in an hour that may change.

Whatever the personal choice, it’s an ep that evidently shows a more mature Cherri V and I have to say me like it big time-maybe I like Rollercoaster (umhh???)