how I afford to travel

It’s a question almost everyone asks me everyday of my life. Mostly they think I am just constantly going on holidays but they never see the sacrifices that I make to be able to visit different countries.

You know that coffee that you have to drink every day? Well, I don’t drink coffee. What about shopping you say? I am not really into it, I do go to the thrift store or shop online for bargains but my clothes are really cheap. The reason I can afford to travel is because once I purchase that ticket and get on that plane, that feeling, trumps anything else. I literally cannot, and choose not to waste my money on things, I’d rather spend money on experiences. So here are a few tips and advice on how I can afford to travel.

Book flights when they are on sale

I know it can be quite difficult to book a flight willy nilly, but if you book a cheap flight when they are on sale you have better chances of actually going on that trip. Try to book and organise your holiday around the ticket sales, it will save you hundreds of dollars.

Book flights at off-peak times

Flights are so much more cheaper during off-peak times, not only will you get a cheap ticket but you will also be able to explore the country with less travellers. Off-peak travellers are the best kind of travellers because they are more keen on exploring then just sunbathing in a resort.

Cut back on luxuries

I guess as a traveller I stop spending money on luxuries as I just can’t justify it anymore. Things like buying coffee at a cafe every morning before work is something I would consider a luxury. Try and make coffee at home and take it to work. Also it would be good to learn how to DIY, there are loads of YouTube channels on how to do your own pedicure and manicure for example which can save you loads of money.

When shopping, think do you really need it before you purchase

Ok so sometimes I do shop for new clothes every now and then, but it’s always on sale. And even when it is on sale, I think to myself do I really need it? I know it sounds cheesey, but once you start asking yourself that you will be able to see the changes.

Look at the bigger picture, to experience more things? Or to have more?

Are you into material things or are you into memories? The end of the day that is the only way you will be able to travel more often, by looking at the bigger picture. Memories last forever.

Get rid of expensive habits

Even if you think that habit of yours only costs you a few dollars a week, it all adds up. Try and get rid of expensive habits and find free alternatives. 

Do more free stuff

Sometimes when you live at home for so long you start to forget to explore. You know when you go overseas and you look for all the free activities around town? Well, you need to start doing that at home. There are so many free events on you just need to do your research and find out where it is happening. Once you get the hang of doing it then you’ll stop spending so much money on going out all the time.

Don’t eat out too much

This is a little trick that I learnt in London. I couldn’t afford to go out and eat all the time because I was saving to travel around Europe. I used to tell people I couldn’t make it for dinner but I’ll make it for drinks. This was a life saver! You can also do a sneaky and have pre-drinks at home. Or if you’re ok with not eating much in front of people then eat before dinner and just grab yourself a snack. You will really see the changes in savings in a matter of months.

How do you afford to travel? Leave your comments below.