bathroom design trends

It’s only when you’ve been stuck at home for a few weeks that you begin to think that your bathroom could use some updates.

Home renovation is important from time to time, and nowhere is this more prevalent than in the bathroom. Some see this space as an area to get in and out like a flash, whereas others see it as a retreat from all the pressures of the world. This should be a stress-free zone where you can truly relax, but only when the bathroom looks and feels like it should.

There are many bathroom design trends, and now’s as good time as any to see how many would suit your own home.

Double sink vanity – It might not happen every day, but there will come moments when two sinks are better than one. Adding two sinks into your bathroom vanity is a classy and practical move. When two people can use a sink at the same time, then there’s never pressure to get out of the bathroom or feel rushed.

Circular mirrors – Regardless of how many sinks you have, a circular mirror is a great choice instead of the age-old rectangular mirror. It adds a strong statement to any bathroom design and looks so chic and modern.

Gold taps – Why settle for second place? Silver taps have typically been the standard bathroom fixture across the world, but gold is now having its time. Black taps were seen as fashionable for a while, but these feel like more of a novelty item that might not seem fitting after a few months. Take a look at golden taps online and update your basin before your neighbour does.

Hanging plants – With all that metal, wood, plastic, and ceramic in the bathroom, it always helps to have some real green nature to balance everything out. Hanging wall plants add the perfect touch to bathrooms to prevent them from feeling cold and sterile. Thankfully, many plants thrive in dark and humid spots like the bathroom and these really help to cleanse the air as well, so check out these beautiful options.

Rainfall showers – No more hard water pressure or stooping to get under the shower head looking for the perfect angle. Rainfall showers present a great alternative for modern bathrooms. Get the feeling like warm rain from a cloud is trickling down softly onto your head with a rainfall shower.

Resting artwork – What we mean by that is essentially movable art. Putting up artwork on the bathroom wall can be tricky if you’ve got tiles, but if you’d still like to gaze at and contemplate a great piece of photography or artwork, then resting on the bathroom vanity or another available space is a great solution. Plus, you can move it around as you please.

In-shower recess shelf – This is the best remedy against leaving all your shampoos and body washes on the shower floor. Sure, metal or plastic racks are an option, but for something that will never break or get rusty, installing an in-shower recess means you’ve got yourself a little shelf to store everything forever.