Well ‘Selfies’ are the most talked about subject in the Internet world and so many people are eager to achieve the ‘perfect’ selfie.

Is it acceptable to take as many selfies as I can before getting the ‘perfect’ one?

Yes it definitely is! The number of selfies you take will depend on the lighting, angle and pose. I find that without the correct lighting, I’m constantly taking loads before finding one that fits my checklist. I usually take 40 selfies and only find a few that I actually like; this is normally due to being blurred, poor lighting and bad angles.

Selfie Checklist

Correct Lighting:

The lighting must be natural because natural lighting (daylight) can either soften your photo or brighten it to eliminate blemishes. I definitely recommend not taking selfies with poor lighting or in the dark because you won’t get the correct effect that you want when doing this.

The Angle:

The angle of your face is one of the most important things to achieve the perfect selfie. You see yourself in the mirror everyday and you know what angles you like and dislike. This will help you gain confidence in taking selfies once you know the correct pose and angle of your phone or face.

The Pose:

The pose of your face is so important! The duck face is definitely a big NO.

Lastly the Position:

The position of your iPhone or device is key! Different angles suit different people so if you’re stuck on the wrong angle, you will end up taking more selfies then needed.

Does it really matter how many we take? Or are we just embarrassed for people to find out? I don’t think it matters… Do you?

By Sophie Bird Follow me on twitter SophieBird4