Although traditionally, we tend to think of sophistication as all things expensive, the truth is that with shabby chic and rustic designs, we can add splashes of sophistication into our homes for relatively little expense.

But how?

By searching through some of the best shops online and on the high street, it is relatively easy to find a bargain that will add a touch of glamour and elegance to your home:

A Chesterfield Sofa

There is probably no piece of furniture in the living room that is more British than a Chesterfield Sofa. Designed by the 4th Earl of Chesterfield in the 17th Century, the Chesterfield was once an item that was only available to the affluent members of society.

Today however, you can purchase Chesterfield Sofas alongside other high end leather sofas from HelloSofas and other online stores.

Shabby Chic Furniture

With the rising popularity of shabby chic, the décor trend is now one of the most attractive ways to add classic touches to your home.

But what actually defines shabby chic?

Quite simply, shabby chic is often a new piece of furniture that is made to look worn or old, giving it an appealing aged look. This can be done in a multiple of ways. With wooden furniture for example, a piece can be painted many times or given a ‘distressed’ finish to make it look worn.

In fact, if you want to save a few pennies, or fancy being a little creative, you can achieve this yourself quite easily.

Here is a great guide to creating distressed furniture.

Take in the art

Buying original art from local stores is a fantastic way of adding not only sophistication, but also originality to your home.

Though most people tend to assume that original art is costly, you can often find wonderfully original pieces from university showings, where pieces can often be bought from students to help fund their education.

Otherwise, you can also find the most stunning pieces from thrift shops and craft events, which are often popular around August and September.

Accessorise your home

If you can’t afford the larger things in life, then there is simply nothing wrong with investing in a few accessories for your home to sprinkle a few elements of class into your home.

Elegant and stylish wooden umbrella stands are often found in homes looking to add a touch of sophistication into their home.

Aside from this, in terms of entertainment, a chess set and table offers unparalleled substance and quality to any room.

In fact, you can pick up lovingly carved sets for as little as £50 online.