If you are sick of smoking with all the coughing, wheezing and stinky clothes and hair you have two choices. One quit smoking altogether with a very high risk or getting back in the habit. Or, two, to take up vaping or e-cigarettes. 

There are so many different kinds of vaping with a lot of confusing lingo that it can be hard to make the transition to vape juice over tobacco. This actually prevents a lot of people from making the jump.

To make your life easier I will go over some ideas on how to choose a good e-cigarette to get you from smoking to vaping.

What is vaping?

Unless you have really not been paying any attention lately you already know how popular that vaping has become. In case you are still unsure the short version is that instead of burning tobacco in a cigarette, you turn juice into vapour by way of an e-cig that uses a heating element to vaporize it. 

Go for something simple to start

To make sure that you actually like vaping, you should probably go for a kit that has all the basics so you don’t get overwhelmed by all the variations available. 

If you are looking to quit smoking then your best bet is likely going to be a cig-a-like that tries to replicate the smoking experience. These look and feel like real cigarettes.

Many quality e-cigs out there, is tailor-made for many different tastes and styles. You’re sure to find one that can be discreet or one that flashes your own personal style to the world.

Find your nicotine level

This is going to be the part of the process that can make or break your switch to vaping over smoking. Since cigarette makers don’t really tell you how much nicotine you are getting per cigarette it is hard to know how much you should be vaping.

This is highly dependant on how much you smoke. If you are doing a few cigarettes per day then you may want to start out with a low dose like 6mg or 0.6%. 

Heavy smokers will obviously need more to feel satisfied and not have nicotine withdrawal. Look for a dosage of around 24mg or 2.4% up to 34mg or 3.4%. 

Pick a variety of juices

Maybe you have a friend that will let you try some of their juices so you can try to find which ones you like. If not then go for a variety pack when you buy. 

Many new vapers that are trying to quit smoking will like to go with tobacco flavoured juice to replicate actual smoking. Some others like to go with sweet juices that they enjoy to kick the craving of tobacco. Order a few different kinds to narrow down the types you prefer. 

Have fun

Choosing an e-cigarette and experimenting with new flavours can be fun. This may actually be the aspect that gets you to quit for good!