If I had a pound for every time some guy asked me how much I squat, I’d be giving Donald Trump a run for his money. Don’t get me wrong, we love a guy who takes interest in our health, wealth and happiness. Just because you changed the word arse to glute doesn’t mean we don’t see through your tricks! Although I love the gym, it’s my haven, suggesting a date in Fitness First isn’t my idea of romantic! Funnily enough most of us actually work out to improve health, improve quality of live and in turn that means looking the best you can look….


Swap selfies for sweat

Protruding gut, oversized arms and chicken legs… just don’t skip leg day. Bearing that in mind its not all bad we aren’t all stuck up our own arses!!!


Take your heath seriously! But enjoy life too! Never neglect your fun side!

Don’t stalk us on twitter, instagram, or jam up our inboxes! We can see all those generic “you’re hot” tweets clogging up your feed! If you that is you then up your game!

Be original, we love to be feminine and treated like non-gym goers in our time off! Regular date nights, no matter how busy you are and time dedicated to just you two makes time more special in and out of the sheets!

Every girl loves a gentleman and to be treated like a queen! Make time for her let her know she’s on your mind! We love a ripped body but a kind heart and a man not afraid to show how much she really means to you will top the lot. Make her laugh, it takes more muscles to frown than laugh don’t be the cause of her having wrinkles!

Compliments and kind words always work! Tell her she looks great even when she looks like she’s been dragged through a bush backwards after a session at the gym!

Support our crazy-arse ideas, when we’re prepping for shows and shoots! The sign of a real keeper is someone who can deal with those 12 weeks of bag life, cold food and erratic behaviour when prepping for a show, shoot or any event. The more support you give the hotter the end result will be and the less earache you’ll get! It works both ways ladies! Show your man how much he means to you! compliment him, give him time and respect it works both ways.and most importantly listen to him


In conclusion

Positive drive and good intention is essentially what we are looking for. No games, awful lines or fake personas, it’s not about the material things you have but what you can offer to a partnership … support each other … roll together… take on the world together!

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