Blonde bombshell, model Charlotte Mckinney, tells us how to date, while revealing her dating tips below. From bikini’s to burgers, Charlotte Mckinney is HOT RIGHT NOW.

You may have seen Charlotte in the new Guess lingerie campaign or her sexy Vanity Fair Pin-Up photo shoot and maybe the All-Natural “Too Hot for TV” Carl’s Jr. advert below.

Well speaking to GQ magazine, on her sexy lingerie photo shoot, Charlotte Mckinney shares her dating tips on how to date her. Are you ready to bring your dating game to the next level?

Whats the best and worst place to pick someone up?

The best and worst place to pick someone up, for me would be… To be honest, there isn’t really a good or bad place. If you’re the right guy, I would take a risk anywhere.

Whats the best pick up line you’ve ever heard?

The best chat up line I’ve ever is “if you drive like you £$%%&, I’d really like to get your number”, I guess for me it was kind of a turn on.

What’s your ideal first date?

My ideal first date is something super mellow, dinner with a view. I get a little nervous on first dates so a good cocktail and good company.

What do you wish guys knew, that they don’t really know?

When a girl says “everything’s fine”, she’s usually lying. We really do want your attention and we do want to feel like you care. I don’t think guys really pick up on it, cos we kinda blow it off, but keep trying. We’re psycho, we’re freakin crazy lol.

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