Aged only 21, Gabriella Cilmi is back with the release of a new album The Sting on November 11. Released through Sweetness Tunes, the album marks a clear departure in both look and sound for the Australian-Italian singer-songwriter who seduced the world with her international hit single ‘Sweet About Me’. A new single ‘Symmetry’ will be released on the same day with live shows to be announced shortly. One of our personal favourite is “Sweeter in History” which like its namesake, means its better to leave some things in the past, Not every relationship can be re-kindled.

1. What features do you look for in a man?
Trust, laughter and a good cook, cause I like to eat. Someone who likes to have lengthy conversation and debates but always let’s me win.

2. What would be your ideal first date?
Not knowing I’m on a date but must include meal and laughs.

3. Do you believe in Splitting the bill on the first date?
I’d happily split the bill but its always a nice surprise when he sneakily pays. More importantly he must make sure you get home okay.

4. Biggest misconception about the opposite sex?
Women take longer to get ready then men… not true.

5. Give us 1 do and 1 don’t do on a first date??
Do take me to eat sushi. Don’t take me to MacDonalds.

Look out for the photo shoot with Gabriella coming soon, but in the mean time you can check out the behind the scenes video from the shoot above.

Photo by SNHFOTO



  1. […] Gabriella Cilmi has announced a much-anticipated five-date tour of the UK for March 2014.  The tour, commencing at The Haunt in Brighton on March 4, will be the first opportunity to hear tracks from Cilmi’s acclaimed new album The Sting (out November 11 through Sweetness Tunes) performed live, including the current single ‘Symmetry’. Tickets for the tour are on-sale NOW. […]

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