Model of the moment Jourdan Dunn tells us how to date her. You’ve seen her in Victoria’s Secrets ripping the runway with true sex appeal.

We’ve also seen Jourdan Dunn featuring in the Burberry campaign with modeling legend Naomi Campbell and now its time to get your pens and paper on the ready and take note, because if you happen to see her one day, you will need her tips on how to date her. Good Luck!

What would be your ideal first date?

My ideal first date doesn’t really matter as long as the company is great, people say, I wanna do something fun and go scuba diving or something crazy like that, but that;s not really getting to know somebody.

How can you tell if a date is going bad?

If anybody is on their phone a lot during a date, that’s how you can tell if a date is going bad and if im not looking at my phone to check the time, then that’s when I know the date is working.

What would you do in a club to get a guy to notice you?

If I saw a guy that I like, I would put a bit more effort in. I would seduce you with dancing, because I think I’m good at dancing and then he will just come up to me hopefully.

What signs would you give off to show someone you are interested in them?

I think I would play with my hair a lot, I not a touchy feely type of girl but I would probably get a bit touchy.

Whats the best pick up line you have ever heard?

I was actually in New York and I walked passed a guy and he said ” Dam I would climb that ass” I just thought it was so funny.

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Words transcribed from this GQ video.

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Our Catwalk favourite intends to retail a full collection including sweatshirts, jeans, jackets, T-shirts, leggings, and accessories. Priced to appeal to “a broader audience,” the range will be designed by Dunn herself and distributed by Fluid World, which brought Hello Kitty to the UK. See the news story on Vogue.