We’ve seen her in BBC comedies such as Kerching!, Ideal & We Are Klang to her most recent appearance as the fun loving, factory worker Adele Alfrey in ITV’s Emmerdale. Tanya Vital is also nominated for a screennation awards (so to is Flavourmag.co.uk) so please vote for her at http://t.co/MlhiVE5pYz but in the meantime, check out of tips on How to Date Tanya Vital.

Would you go on a date with a fan?

If it was for a charity event win or something – possibly. I still find it weird that people share so much personal information on the internet. I’m a very private person, plus I watch Catfish! You never know what you’re going to get.

Is it ok for a women to ask a man on a 1st date?

Yes absolutely. The operative word here is “woman”, which says to me wise, confident and independent. If you’re old and wise enough to know you like someone, why not ask them out? Games are long and who has the time? Life’s too short.

Name one thing a girl should never do on a 1st date?

[Laughs] I have a sick sense of humour. I don’t know. Fart? Dig out your teeth? I think the most important thing is to be appreciative of the other person’s company. Even if it isn’t going well or you realise the other person is not for you, just be humble.

Tell us 1 do and 1 don’t do on a 1st date?

I’m from Bradford and we’re the capital of curry. I mean our curry is the best in the country if not the world! I once took a guy on a date to my favourite Asian restaurant. Big mistake! Never do that unless you want to smell of garlic.

1 do would be to just be open. As long as the other party is kind and courteous, don’t put so much pressure on the date. Even if nothing comes of it, the least you’ve made is a new friend.

Tanya Vital eb headshot

Do you have a girl code?

I’m rubbish at that girlie stuff. I was a tomboy until I turned 20. I have my set number of female friends but I guess we do have a kind of code. Some things don’t need to be said, it’s just common sense. Don’t get involved with a friend’s ex. If I give you ‘the look’ it means save me from this crazy person. You know – the basics.

Name 3 places you would like someone to take you on a 1st date.

Food’s always a winner so anywhere with good food usually wins me over. Even though I’m an Actor I think the Cinema is a poor choice for a first date. I need to get right in there and know if you’re normal or a serial killer straight away so no talking would be a nightmare. Something adventurous would be good. I love horse riding so that’d be good. Anything that involves friendly competition and banter like bowling or something would be good.

What features do you look for in a guy?

[Laughs again] You know this is impossible to answer. Even when you think you’ve got it right – you haven’t. My feelings right now – in December 2013 are: He has to be able to make me laugh. He has to have a good work ethic and he has to be able to think outside of the box.

Biggest misconception about the opposite sex

That men are smart. I’m not talking about intelligence I’m talking about making smart decisions. I’ve seen men do some very silly things.

Finish these sentences

If a date was going really badly i would… (I mean how badly are we talking?) Worst case scenario – Go to the loo, text my mum to call me back in 10 mins with an ‘emergency’.

If I really like a guy I could possibly… fall in love straight away. I’m a big softee like that, plus it takes A LOT for me to even like someone so they’d definitely have to be special.

On a first date, I would never… Tell somebody what I do for a living, or try to avoid the subject at least. There are so many misconceptions about Actors and the entertainment industry as it is. It’s always easier just to say you work in admin until you really get to know someone properly.

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