We recently did a stunning photo shoot with Neon Hitch (Photo’s coming soon) and while we had her on set we decided to ask her a few dating questions, to whet your appetite before we release the full feature. Neon also has a brand new mixtape available to download at called “Happy Neon”


Are you single?

You know what? I am very single right now

What would you be your idea of perfect 1st date?

It wouldn’t be a first date, I like kicking it with friends, Im not into dating strangers. I like to meet the due first and friends and it just happened.

Do you believe in splitting the bill on a first date?

I believe a gentleman should pay for everything. However if I have to I will, but i think its courteous of a gentleman to pay.

Biggest misconception of the opposite sex?

I don’t think women understand men and vice versa and I am fine with that.

1 do and 1 don’t do on 1st first.

I’ve only ever been on one date, so I am not really a pro. Do is love me I love to be loved. Don’t be a dick. Its simple just be cool, adore me and it will be fine.

Would you ever date a fan?

That’s a funny one because I don’t really separate human beings. If you appreciate me, then that’s amazing. A fan is someone that appreciates your art, which is like the same thing. So that answer to your questions is yes.

What features do you find attractive in a man?

I don’t have a type, I am really attracted to spirit. If you have a manageable spirit and general just a little bit gangster i.e. like a pirate or from the jungle then I will probably marry you.

3 tips on how some can approach you.

  1. Feel like I terrify people, I don’t know why because I am very approachable. So don’t be scared.
  2. Have some balls
  3. Be nice

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Photography by Jordan Roach

Make up and styling by Vicky Ngari

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