Supermodel Toni Garrn tells us how to date her. Before you read on, be sure to have your notepads, pens, tablets or anything you can take notes with on the ready as this information is priceless.

After her recent breakup with Leonardo Di Caprio and her uber sexy topless photo shoot with GQ magazine, the newly single supermodel tells us how to date her.

We’ve seen her as a Snow Angel in the Victoria’s Secrets fashion shows,

Toni Garrn victorias secret

We’ve also seen her daringly go full nude for Allure magazine using a Chanel Perfume bottom to cover her modesty.


Now its time to get down to business and here’s how to date Toni Garrn

Where’s the worst place to pick someone up?
I would say the worst place to pick somebody up is in a nightclub, because all I want to do when I am out is dance or relax and definitely not talk to loud music.

Have you heard any incredible pick up lines?
I don’t know any incredible pick up lines to be honest. If some is sarcastic and funny and will make me laugh and is not that obvious, that’s cool.

What would be your nightmare first date?
My nightmare first date would definitely be with somebody who I definitely don’t want to be with at all immediately and is trying to make me cook at his place, or something where I would have to be all day where I couldn’t make up an excuse to leave or somewhere where Im really caught in and can’t leave.

What’s your exit strategy on a bad date?
If something went awful I would definitely look at my phone and I would be like, Oh, Oh My God, this is so bad, Im so sorry, I got to go and just run lol.

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