Want to know how to date the 26-year-old model-actress-musician? Good taste in music helps. We’ve seen her in Mad Max Fury Road, Divergent, X-Men: First Class, After Earth, Insurgent.


And now its time to find out how to date Zoe Kravitz.

1. Do you get a lot of attention from men?

Men don’t talk to me. Ever. I think I’m intimidating or I’m supposed to make myself feel better, or I smell funny lol.


2. Is musical tastes important to you?

Musical tastes is so important. If you’re passionate about something, you want your partner or the other person to get that thing that you are passionate about. If a guy put on a D’Angelo song, then I’m like a sucker for his music.

3. Do pick up lines really work?

I like bad pick up lines. If a guy came up to me with the old, Did it hurt? Pick up line, I can appreciate the ballsiness of it.

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Words transcribed from How to date Zoe Kravitz video