Do women like to be dominated in bed? The general answer to this age old question is probably yes. But before you get all excited and start shopping for ropes and chains and vibrators, let’s take a look at how to dominate a women in bed.

First of all forget everything you think you know. Drop all the visual ideas you have learnt from watching porn and start considering this from a female perspective, here’s why.

As a male we are generally the stronger more physical gender and this also is true of the animal Kingdom. Note I said generally as I do not want the women to get up in arms reading this article.

Some people may think that dominating a women in bed is all about restraint and or going fast or trying to, how should I put this… slightly hurt the female by showing her how hard you can have sex with her.

The ideas above can be seen as a way of domination but let’s face it. The above ideas won’t last long and will probably have an adverse effect later down the line in your relationship or sexual experience’s.

dominate a women in bad

So how do you dominate a women in bed? First up you need to establish who you are and what you want to do. If you want to have full control over a women in bed you need to make that clear when it comes to having sex. I’m not saying to declare to the women “I’m going to dominate you in bed” although this can work too, I’m referring to taking control.

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When you have her in your home, hotel, back seat of a car etc. You need to take control. Taking control can be as simple as making the first move. Surprise her by leaning in for the kiss. Once she reciprocates take her hand and place it on your chest or crouch.

The idea is to control the situation and dominate her. If you see her making a move, stop her in her tracks. If she starts to hug you while you kiss her, take her hands and place it on your butt. What you are doing is letting her know what she can do and also controlling the places where she can go.

If she starts to take of her clothes. Stop her and tell her to take it off slowly. She may start blushing at this point and look you in the eye, if this happens you need to stare right back at her. Do not give her the stalker look. Give her the predictor look, letting her know that your are ready to take her down. This will no doubt let her know that you are the boss and you’ll probably find that this makes her ever so wet.


You can do other things once her clothes are off like, making her spin around. I personally like to make women do a little dance. At first some women will say no, as they may be a little shy or embarrassed. This is where you calm her nerves. Give her another kiss, tell her how sexy she is, make her feel a bit special. Believe me, you can get her to do anything you want if you get it right.

When it comes to intercourse you need to show her you have this all under control. If she tries to take control by trying to put it inside her, stop her again and make her do something different. If she’s going for straight sex then make her give you a blow job first, if she’s going down for the blow job be sure to hold her head and do the motions for her.

The idea is to break her stride, without losing the passion. Do not let her ride you as this gives her all the power. Ideally you want her on her back or on all fours. If she is on her back take both arms and placed them above her head. Then use one hand to hold down her arms you can then use your other hand to squeeze her breasts or even to stimulate her clitoris. Are you getting the picture?

If you want to use restraints like ropes or locks and chains then you will have to wait until the next article as it’s too much to place in this article.


Another way to dominate her is to use the orgasm tease method. This method should only be used maybe once or twice as if you prolong this, she could lose her passion. All you have to do is to make sure you stop for a little moment just before she is about to cum. This let’s her know that she can cum when you say it’s time to cum. Pull out for a short while or if you was using your fingers then stop. Remember once she has cum you may find that she doesn’t want to continue any more, she wants a moments rest-bite as she recovers from the orgasm.

There are many forms of domination some are easier to achieve than others. Before proceeding with domination be sure to think about the next step after domination. I’ve always found that once I have dominated a women I can then let her dominate me as I have dominated her to get her to dominate me.

Make sense?