perfume that suits you best

Have you always wanted to smell good, so to fulfil that desire, you bought a gazillion different perfumes or aftershaves, but no particular scent from all of them resonated with you? If this is the case with you, you should think about finding your signature perfume.

We are going to help you find the perfume that is best for you. Fragrances are not just an accessory, but we, as humans, connect with the smell on an emotional level. This is the reason why when we meet sometime for the first time, we associate them with the fragrance. We do not do this consciously, but the scent tells us what the nature of the other person is. So, finding a perfume that speaks who you are is never too late.

Before you can select the type of fragrances that suits you the best, you first need to know the layers of fragrant notes.

The scent notes are the ingredients that create a unique scent. There is no limit on how many numbers of notes can be included in one perfume, but even the most simple and cheapest perfumes have at least 3 notes in it.

Top Note:

Top note is the first scent you smell in any perfume. They are often fresh and fruity, but it may vary from perfume to perfume. The top note usually fades in the 10 to 15 minutes after applying.

Middle Note:

After the top note fades, the middle note or heart note comes in the play. It is the dominant note of the perfume and the core of the fragrance. The heart note usually lasts for 4 to 5 hours.

Base Note:

It is also known as the bottom note and has a longer-lasting scent. Once the heart note fades away, all you can smell is the base Note. Most of the perfumes have the same bottom notes because there are only a small number of ingredients that can be used as the bottom note.

Now that you know the type of scent notes, the following are the types of perfume products you can get based on the concentration percentage.

Eau de Cologne:

Eau de Cologne or EDC is the type of product that has 3 – 5% of perfume oil, alcohol, and water. It is lighter, and normally, you can only smell the first note before the scent fades away.

Eau de Toilette:

EDT is the product that has a slightly higher concentration of perfume oil (usually 5 – 8%) and alcohol. Due to the lack of water, this type is stronger than the first one.

Eau de Parfum:

Eau de Parfum has 15 – 18% of perfume oil and mixed with alcohol. It is stronger than eau de cologne and eau de toilette but not as strong as perfume. With Parfum, you can enjoy the heart note before you have to reapply the product.


This is the strongest perfume product on the list. It contains a perfume oil concentration of 18 – 30% and the most potent. It comes in small bottles but costs higher than other perfume products. But it is value for the money because you will only need a small amount of the product. Perfume lasts longer than all of the other types, and you can even smell the lingering fragrance of the last scent note.

Now that the informative talk is aside, here comes the fun part. Most of the perfume has 4 main types of notes. And no, we are not talking about the top, heart, and base notes here. What we meant from the type of note here is the note family. Your perfume can either be floral, fruity, musky, or woody. Of course, not every perfume contains only one note family and can be a mixture of 2, 3, or even 4. And there are more note families, but these four are the most basic.

Floral Note:

As explained by the name, floral notes smell like fresh flowers. The famous floral notes are – orange blossom, rose, lily, jasmine, lavender, and violet. Floral notes go well with fruity notes.

Fruity Note:

These are also called fresh notes and include the crisp and clean scent of citrus fruits like lemon and orange. Apple, peach, and apricot are also some famous fruit notes.

Musky Note:

If you have ever smelled something and thought it is “sexy and mysterious”, then there is a high chance that the perfume had a musky note. This note family has a deeper, more mysterious smell. Spicy scents, vanilla, and amber are some of the best musky notes.

Woody Notes:

Oakmoss, labdanum, bergamot, and patchouli are associated with woody notes. These are the scents that have an earthy feel to them. Woody notes usually go well with citrusy notes. Baccarat Rogue 540 is a good option if you’re a fan of woody notes.

Consider the Season when Choosing the Scent

Just like summer smells like freshly mowed lawn and lemonade, and winter smells like chocolate and cinnamon, your scent changes from season to season as well. So, try to find a perfume for every season. The lighter and more fruity perfume smells great in summer, but they might not be a good suite and strong in the winter. This is why people get deeper scents for cooler seasons and light and refreshing perfumes for warmer months.

How to Shop for your Perfect Perfume

Finding the perfect scent note for yourself is not that difficult for most people. But to get a perfume that suits your taste and personality, the best is not that easy. You might get your signature scent in one day, or it might even take months, depending on where you are perfume hunting. The following are some tips and tricks that will help you while you are shopping for your perfect scent.

  • Never buy perfume online. You cannot imagine the fragrance by just reading the description, so do not try this at home.
  • Try only 3 perfumes in a day. We know it might be tempting to walk in a perfume shop, and you would want to try out every single product available, but it will just mess up your senses.
  • Ask for samples. If you are not sure about the perfume, do not, but it right away. Wear the sample for a few days and then make your judgment.