comfy sleep

Sleep is a significant aspect that influences your well-being. There is an important connection between quality sleep and good health.

It is, therefore, vital that you get adequate quality sleep that will ultimately enhance your well-being. Quality sleep will help improve your memory, increase your coordination and generally helps to reduce stress levels through continued relaxation of the mind. We all want to wake every morning feeling relaxed, and that is the major reason why everyone needs to have quality sleep every night.

However, people often fail to get adequate sleep for various reasons, but a reason for interest is the failure to secure quality sleep products. The kind of bed, mattress, pillows, and bedding you choose largely influences the quality of sleep that you will get. It is important to note that there is a fine line that distinguishes sleep quality and sleep quantity, and quality sleep is what you need to stay healthy.

To ensure you get quality sleep, you should purchase the best sleep products. When choosing the kind of sleep products to purchase, your comfort throughout the night should be your priority. You should also select sleep products that are resistant to natural mould or any allergens. Getting a sleep product that can regulate its own temperature should be an added advantage. Sleep products with all the combined features are what you should be looking for to ensure you get a 5-star-hotel-like night’s sleep every night.

The Mattress of Choice

Casper sleep products are what you need to enjoy a good night sleep. With investors such as Leonardo DiCaprio or Tobey Maguire behind the success of the brand, you can be sure to get the best mattress in the UK. The award-winning company deals with the production and distribution of sleep products.

Some of the quality sleep products that the company manufactures and distributes include mattresses, glow lights, bed frames, pillows and bedding such as sheets, duvets, and mattress covers. The company has set itself apart from other companies in the industry through the production of quality sleep products that have received great reception in the market.

It’s amazing customer services that include shipping to customers within four days, packing the mattress nicely in a box, and return policy of up to 100 days, is what makes the company gain popularity by the day. Who wouldn’t want to buy from a reliable brand? Its reliability has been great leverage to the company, and it has helped it gain famous titles such as the ‘Best Buy for Mattresses’ and also secure the Big Innovation Award of 2016.

Quality Mattresses

The award-winning mattresses have been rated as one of the best quality all over the world. The engineers behind the mattresses production are experts in giving you the quality mattresses you need to sleep comfortably through the night. They have been able to innovate new designs and incorporate new features that have helped produce comfortable sleep products for you.

To cater to different customers with varying economic abilities, there are two mattress models which include The Casper Mattress that goes for £375 and the Essential Mattress from the same brand that goes for £ 275 which have been rated the best mattresses in the UK. They are affordable with no compromise on their quality.

Some of the common features among these two mattresses include the availability of open-cell foams and zoned support constructed with hybrid foam. Additionally, there are advanced features incorporated in the mattresses that make them more unique. Such features include the transition layers that enhance comfort and a super high-density memory foam layer.

Materials used in the Production of the Mattresses

The mattresses have been manufactured using a hybrid foam, unlike the traditional mattresses that use springs or memory foam. The hybrid foam is a combination of foams, which is an improvement made to overcome some of the downfalls of memory foams. The combined foams help to achieve temperature regulation and a balanced comfort on the mattresses.

These mattresses have an allergy-friendly foam incorporated in its structures to protect people that are sensitive to allergies. This material used to make the mattresses prevent attraction of dust mites thus making the product fit for use by people who are sensitive to allergies.

Structure of the best Mattresses

A good mattress should have a structure that enhances the comfort of the user through the layers of premium foam, zoned support and excellent designs. The layers should be characterized by breathability, alignment, balanced support, and comfort. The zoned support feature should accommodate various curves of your body by treating the hips and the shoulders differently; it should give your body support in the right positions of your body, giving you extra comfort when sleeping.

The award-winning mattresses have four well-structured layers of foam that measure up to 24 cm. The open-cell top layer, which is 4cm, provides balance while the 4cm thick high-density memory foam helps to relieve pressure by supporting pressure points of your body. The other two layers, namely transition layer and the foundation layer are dense enough to complement the other layers in providing extra support.

The open-cell top layer also has tiny pores that allow excess hot air to escape to the surrounding as a measure to regulate temperature. A transitional layer also ensures that there is a distribution of weight to enhance comfort. The Essential Mattress from the same brand has two layers only namely the open-cell foam and the foundation foam, but you get the comfort you need when using it.

The Comfy Sheets

Aside from the relaxing mattresses, you 5-star-hotel-like sleep is not complete without the cuddly sheets. They have the ideal balance of airy, soft and crisp cotton to add to your comfort. The sheets are made from the finest and longest fibres worldwide to prevent them from pilling. The weaving of the sheets has been done in a one-over-one pattern that gives you coolness and crisp comfort during bedtime. The thread count is maintained at 400 two-ply threads to avoid making the sheets too heavy.

The soft Pillows

Get comfy head support in soft pillows. The brand has a unique pillow-in-pillow design to meet the needs of different users. The outer pillow has a soft touch of fluff, whereas the inner pillow serves as a support. Coated fibres are used to make the inner pillow which makes movements during sleep much easier. The pillow is made resistant to clumping through the technique of having fibres individually blown into the cover.

Get a GlowLight

To add to your quality sleep, you need a glowing light to soothe you to sleep. A glow light is designed to help you have a natural deep sleep, so you can feel relaxed when you wake up. The light has a gyroscope that allows you to set the brightness level that you deem appropriate to sleep. Through such adjustments, it becomes possible to easily doze off into a deep sleep without any interruptions. Additionally, the glow light can be used to fill your room with a soft light that makes waking up easy.


The award-winning brand with quality products sleep products that will ensure you get a 5-star-hotel-like sleep. As earlier mentioned, quality sleep has a great impact on your health and your productivity. Therefore, if you have been having trouble getting a quality and comfortable sleep, then you should consider changing all your bedding to quality sleep products. You will experience relaxed mornings and productive days, every day.