living of the grid

Modern technology has allowed us to actually go back to living the way we used to in the past.

It’s ironic, but advances in technology are responsible for many people being able to drop out of society and live a natural life off of the grid. With solar energy, 5G internet, and a whole host of other technologies, we can live and work essentially wherever we want and still be comfortable.

In this article, we will go over some of the best ways to live off grid so you can enjoy getting back to nature.

The heating

It is very important that you are able to stay warm in your house off grid. This used to be much more of a challenge than it is now. A fireplace is great and can heat the house well, but it shouldn’t be your only source of heat.

Luckily, with solar power and batteries being so effective these days, you can have a heating system that is merely complemented by the fireplace. Radiant heat is very effective as well as efficient. For instance, a radiant floor heat system heats the entire home using very little energy so it is compatible with solar panels.

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If you’re building the house from scratch, you might want to consider items such as new alpha boilers and using good quality materials that are great at keeping the house warm in the winter will help you reduce your heating demands even further. Also, how the house is positioned helps if it is facing south so the sun heats the house passively.


Where you decide to live off-grid will have a big effect on what kind of plumbing you end up needing. If you are near an urban center or suburbs then you may be able to hook up to the main water and sewer and go half off-grid.

However, a little further out you will need to fend for yourself. Find the right area where you can drill a well and be completely independent as far as water supply goes. You’ll also need to have a septic system installed, which is not as inconvenient as it sounds. As long as you take care of it by doing things like using septic-safe toilet paper then you shouldn’t have any issues.

Creating a greywater system is also smart for off-grid living so you can put some water back into your yard and garden with the shower and sink wastewater.

Grow your own

Living off-grid isn’t just about less dependence on the energy and water systems. It is also about unplugging from the way modern life works to reduce your carbon footprint dramatically. This involves dropping out of the food supply chain as much as possible by growing your own food.

Set up a garden that uses the space you have by doing things like succession gardening so you can grow food year-round. Raising chickens will provide you with fresh eggs in abundance. Goats will give you plenty of milk that you can make cheese out of.

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