woman working on mobile

The productivity of your staff has a large impact on whether or not your organisation is successful. A productive team works collaboratively, improving morale and motivation, and ultimately, the level of success for your business.

But in today’s digital landscape, smartphones demand a lot of attention. More often than not, smartphones are placed directly in front of staff on their desks. However, smartphones don’t have to be a distraction. In fact, there are many ways your business can use mobiles to improve productivity.

Smartphones mean smart technology

In 2016, there was a whopping 46.4 million smartphones in the UK. With so many people using mobile devices, it’s clear to see how they can easily infiltrate the workplace. However, rather than acting as a distraction, smartphones often mean that smart technology can be used.

For example, with a BYOD (bring your own device) culture in the workplace, your employees can save time when working as a team. Cloud storage allows for staff to save and access documents on their devices, enabling your team to send each other files even if they are working remotely or out of office.

Encourage communication

Effective communication is a characteristic of any productive team. Whether updating each other on progress or resolving any problems, it’s important your team can communicate quickly and efficiently. So, mobiles can certainly play a part in improving communication between your team.

When it comes to using mobiles at work, emphasise how convenient mobiles can be to all employees. Smartphones allow them to communicate and contact one another swiftly as their devices are readily available. What’s more, a simple text message avoids the need for emails that would otherwise clog up inboxes and increases the probability of an urgent message being responded to quickly.

Open up new opportunities

Smartphones are also a great way for your team to collaborate, but in addition to this they can be used to access company information, as well as feel connected to your organisation. A productive team is not more than effective communication – it’s about demonstrating how much you care about your common goals as well as their wellbeing.

Mobiles allow you to use apps and implement employee wellbeing solutions that engage your team. With solutions offered by companies such as Lifeworks, your team can access wellbeing support as well as be recognised for their hard work. This personal interaction will make your team feel valued, leading to a boost in productivity.

Manage workloads

Your team most likely have multiple responsibilities and tasks they need to complete. They may even be a part of other teams across different departments or sites within your business. The support of a mobile allows your team to create a “to-do list” and monitor their workloads and track their progress.

Mobiles can become a primary business tool for your team, with 58% of employees using their mobiles for business and productivity applications. Productivity apps can often improve business processes, in turn increasing the productivity of your team.