We often notice businesses which have been recognised in multiple awards, whether customer recognitions or ‘best in show’.

Businesses receive a great deal of exposure during exhibitions with the opportunity for stalls to stand out and contact details to be distributed. From this first point of contact with an interested audience the journey to securing your sale is shortened.

Even if you don’t manage to secure a sale, this platform will still provide valuable exposure for your brand and educate potential customers about your services. Taking advantage of every opportunity for brand exposure should be a fundamental objective of your marketing strategy which will aid in lead generation and increase the market share of your business.

There are many exhibitions and trade shows which take place at various locations countrywide. The decision of which exhibition to attend will underpin the success of your business impact and impression. To ensure positive engagement and interest ensure that you select exhibitions attended by a relevant target audience.

Understanding the demographics and needs of your target market is key. If your desired audience includes students for instance, Fresher’s Fairs or Career Fairs provide invaluable, targeted publicity. If your business is based near a University and could benefit from this exposure consider attending this event.

Likewise, retail based businesses often benefit greatly from this audience which have a huge buying potential. This makes the initial outlay – cost of freebies etc. – a worthwhile investment to establish a loyal following/consumer base.

If your business provides a services or products to other businesses, consider what kind of businesses your clients are. If you provide services for retail organisations, attend their shows and use these to establish a link of networks. It is far easier to secure a stall in business to business exhibitions than more specialised and competitive exhibitions. Don’t forget to attend events relevant to your industry to make yourself known amongst your competitors. These will undoubtedly attract potential clients and business customers providing you a great deal of selling potential.

Once you have booked your place in a trade show, think about the material you are going to present. If you are planning to present a new product to the public, ensure that you are sufficiently prepared for the questions and interest of your target audience. Plan appropriate handouts and freebies which will engage and inspire intrigue. For extra attention at your exhibition stall, create a competition for your visitors, they will stick around for longer, ask more questions and get involved.

Whilst preparing for your exhibition, remember to consider the layout of your stall. To stand out, you need to invest in eye catching, high quality graphics and event displays. To reap the best rewards from your presentation and image it is vital to hire an expert, in fine, large quality printing, like Precision Printing.