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After a long year of little to no travel, our passports have been collecting dust for far too long.

While you may be excited to board your next flight, the last thing you want to do is arrive exhausted and waste precious time getting over jet lag or nursing a cold. Here’s how to stay calm and arrive refreshed after a long flight. 

Pack Your Carry-On Like a Pro

Some people swear by travelling with just their carry-on luggage. Though we envy their ability to mix and match outfits, we aren’t quite at that level. However, your carry-on baggage does need a lot of consideration.

Rather than just thinking of it as storage for your tech and valuables, think of it as your emergency kit. What would you need to get through three days at your destination if your luggage was misplaced? Lost luggage is generally found, but you don’t want to waste time shopping for clothes on your holiday when you could be out seeing the sights.

Keep Essential Supplies Close

Your carry-on luggage will be above you in the overhead locker, and though accessible, it is an inconvenience for yourself and those around you if you are consistently going through it. Plan in advance to have a small bag filled with everything you need for your flight. Some items we recommend include:

  • Phone and charger
  • Earbuds
  • Book or Kindle
  • Tablet
  • Cardigan
  • Eye Mask
  • Earplugs
  • Water Bottle
  • Toiletries (Toothbrush, toothpaste, facewash, washcloth)

Time Zones and Twilight Zones

If you are travelling to a destination in a different time zone, adjust your watch and phone right as you get on the flight. Rather than arranging sleep around mealtimes, try to merge your sleep pattern with that of your final stop. CBD, melatonin and lavender are all excellent natural ingredients for encouraging sleep and focusing on your routine.

Choose Your Seat

Whenever possible, pick your seat in advance, even if it means a small surcharge. A window seat is ideal for those that want to be in their own space without having others needing to climb over them. However, if you are a person that gets anxious at the thought of waking your seated neighbour when you need to go to the washroom, then you might be best opting for the aisle.

Person holding smartphone riding a plane

Nourish Your Body

What you put in your body and what you put on it can make a significant difference to how calm you’ll be on your flight and how refreshed you’ll be once you land. Ideally, limit your caffeine and alcohol intake both on your flight and in the days leading up to it. Try to stay away from heavy, carb-loaded meals that will make you feel groggy and bloated. Drink plenty of water and liberally apply hand cream and moisturizer before, during, and after your flight.

Before Landing

It’s simple to check the flight path and see when you are roughly an hour away from landing. Before everyone gets a similar idea, grab your toiletry bag and change of clothes and head to the cramped airplane toilet cubicle. Wash your face, brush your teeth, reapply deodorant and change your shirt. These small activities will make you feel ready to face the world.

The world is full of enticing destinations to tick off your bucket list. Ensure that you plan ahead to stay calm and arrive refreshed to hit the ground running.


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