The lovely Staci South, Digital Marketing Executive at Affiliate Window gave us a moment of her time to tell us how to steal her job. Working with some our favourite brands such a Topshop and Missguided, Staci setting up and managing digital campaigns and more.

If you like liaising with clients, negotiating deals, analysis and reporting that a job in digital marketing could be perfect for you. Here how to steal Staci’s job.

staci southName: Staci South
Job title: Digital Marketing Account Executive
Company: Affiliate Window

What does your job role entail?
Managing the affiliate marketing accounts for various advertisers. Setting up and managing digital campaigns to generate sales and traffic to advertisers websites.

Describe your working day or week?
The majority of my time is spent liaising with clients and publishers – lots of emails, calls and meetings. I book in and negotiate digital promotions on a daily basis, manage creative, send out the latest offers and promotions, reporting on and analysing data, ensure all activity is paid, check everything is tracking online ok, monitoring competitors and looking for new opportunities.

What key skills do you need to do your job?
Organisation and communication are key! I spend a lot of time talking with clients and publishers and you must always be on top of things. Communication has to be extremely clear in this industry too and you have to remember you are representing your company as well as yourself. Always be professional, approachable and helpful!

What made you decide to go for this job
I have always loved marketing throughout school and Uni and so naturally I start looking around for marketing jobs when I finished Uni. I also completed a year in industry at The Walt Disney Company where I worked within their marketing team. This job was the ideal fit for me as a graduate and allowed me to move into a digital focused role that I love!

Best part of your job?
I love the creativity and ownership I have in my role. Negotiating promotions can be tough but there are so many opportunities out there and it’s great to try be one step ahead of everyone else, especially in the digital industry – everything is so fast paced! I also get to work for some of the biggest brands out there including Topshop, House of Fraser, Missguided and more.

Worst part of your job?
Workload can be a struggle sometimes. Prioritisation is a must and ensuring you are still doing your work to the best of your ability. Working hours can be difficult to stick to but this industry is very sociable so you do get to meet some great people, attend fun events and lots of networking!

Most memorable moment at work?
Getting to be a part of an industry first! Running exciting new promotions for Topshop that haven’t been done in the affiliate space before was a privilege.

If I’m choosing a course to study, what type of course suits this job best?
Digital marketing if you can, otherwise advertising and marketing courses – especially ones with a lot of digital modules. Although a lot of people at Affiliate window have degrees in other subjects, as long as the passion and interest is there you’ll be fine!

Does work experience really help you to get the dream job?
100% yes! My placement year definitely helped me get this job. It’s definitely worth doing an internship if you can, you will learn so much and it will open up so many opportunities. Getting a job is hard enough these days so anything extra you can do is worth it. That experience can put you ahead of the competition!

Give us a tip on how to steal your job.
Do your research! – Stay up to date on all the latest digital trends. Online shopping is growing constantly so it’s really important that you are proactive and not reactive. Also having a blog or website and an understanding of promoting products online is a bonus!

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