There’s nothing better than winding down at a BBQ during the summer but throwing one yourself can become a stressful event.

Do you have enough food? Will people enjoy the playlist? Is the entertainment good enough? These are all thoughts that will be swirling around your head before your guests arrive, but you need to take a minute and relax because we’re here to help. We’ve gathered a short guide for throwing a great BBQ, which you can read below.

Keep Everything Simple

There’s no point in doing hard work for yourself, so try and keep everything simple. Pick a couple of burger recipes and give them a go – you can always invite people to bring their own food. You need to avoid running around like a fool, especially when you’ve got the latest Lazy Susan outdoor furniture range to sit at.  As long as you’ve got enough food for everyone, keep the drinks flowing, and a sunny garden, the majority of people will be happy.

Party Playlist

You can easily set the mood for your BBQ with a well-curated playlist, which you can play through a quality Bluetooth set. Choosing the right music will mean knowing your guests’ tastes. However, you should keep it upbeat to promote high energy – sorry, classical music lovers. In the summer, there’s nothing better than throwing on some cheesy hits including Led Zepplin’s Dancing Days and the Beach Boys’ California Girls.


You need to make sure your guests are happy, but that doesn’t mean you need to provide silver service and forget to relax. After all, you didn’t invest in those 2 seater garden furniture sets for nothing. Once your guests have arrived and got their drinks, you can show them where the drinks are kept and leave them to it. Then, all you need to do is make sure you cook enough delicious food and enjoy the party.

Keep The Bar Stocked

Depending on the crowd at your BBQ, you will need to keep them satisfied with a well-stocked bar. According to experts, you should allocate two bottles of beer (or equivalent) per person during the first hour. Then, for each additional hour, you assume an extra drink per adult. If you do this, it will account for the people that don’t drink as much. You also need to consider the non-drinkers, so make sure you’ve got a decent selection of soft drinks available – you can even get creative with virgin cocktails.


Once you’ve eaten the food and the drinks are flowing, you need to provide entertainment to keep people interested. If you’ve got space in the garden, you can set up a croquet game or play swing ball. Alternatively, get back to the table and get stuck into a game of Muffin Time, which guarantees fun for all.

You don’t need to create a Ritz experience to throw an incredible BBQ, all you need to do is provide delicious food, plenty of drinks, and entertain your guests.

Images via unsplash