Many businesses have now started to change the appearance of their work environments. Rather than having sterile white surroundings and fluorescent lighting they are now beginning to add more colours and give the area a more relaxing feel.

Positive psychological effects

When decorating your office or workspace a splash of colour can make all the difference to your staff. Using red for example can increase your heart rate but the last thing you want is to induce anger, so lowering the tones can mellow out these feelings. Adding different hues can make your surroundings more relaxing though not to the point of sending all your staff off to sleep!

If your place of work is not an office but a warehouse or factory, the interior and exterior can still be revamped by bright colours. Consult a specialist supplier such as Rawlins for industrial paints and coatings.

Removing old-style cubicles

Over the past few decades, many companies divided their employees by putting them into small cramped cubicles with their own computers, but this tradition is gradually being phased out. The international architects and designers Chapman Taylor have an article by Julian Cheek, which explains how offices will change over the next decade.

Workspaces will include a wide range of ages and ethnicities, from Baby Boomers and ‘Gen X’ to ‘Gen Y’ who don’t know the world without technology, all working in one place. This will be a big challenge to companies in the near future. You can now see a combination of brightly coloured walls with lighter mellow hues within the same work environment.

Working on a beanbag

With technology changing on a daily basis many office spaces no longer need to have computer stations or work desks, instead, they can change these areas into something resembling your home front room. Many offices are now including playrooms so that staff can chill out during breaks and can also take advantage of Wi-Fi systems and portable tablets to complete a task they started earlier that day.
Using beanbags with plenty of colour spread around for workers to sit and be creative may have sounded strange in the past, but now it is becoming the norm.

Positive environment

An article on the Telegraph website shows some of the extremes that some companies go to in order to make their employees happy in their workplace. They show an office that is now being used by an IT business in a renovated pub; they not only use a wide variety of colour and space but also include items such as a pool table, a cinema, giant swing and motivational neon signs. The managing director for the company, Dominic Monkhouse, says, ‘People go through highs and lows throughout the day, but if you do something different for a few minutes, your performance goes up.’ This proves that your environment can make a big difference to your workforce’s output.

Productivity is imperative

Wherever your workplace is situated it can always be made more spacious and friendly by using a little imagination and the use of some relaxing and pleasing colour schemes. There is a wide range of colours and textures to choose from and they are easy and cheap to put in place. This will instantly change the space you work in and will make your environment a pleasant place to work.