Bomber Jackets, Ripped Jeans, Saved By The Bell and Friends all fall under one simple category… The 90’s! If you was a 90’s kid then you will also remember Pogs, the YoYo craze, Power Rangers and when the world went Spice Girls crazy! Slowly but surely the 90’s is making an ultimate comeback and it all started in 2014.

RnB slow jams are becoming popular again, snap backs have been turnt backwards and even some of the best old school 90’s pop bands have reformed to give us some much more hated, or secretly loved by many, cheesey pop tracks. It’s fair to say that the most recognisable come back has been in fashion and its coming back thick and fast. Flavourmag has decided to tell you exactly whats hot right now….90’s style!

Bomber Jackets

Who remembers the Bomber Jacket craze? The most popular bombers were black or khaki green but they both had one very similar feature…if you was feeling daring one day you could simply turn it inside out and you had a loud, bright orange Bomber Jacket! Two for the price of one, bargin! Bomber Jackets are now officially back and are bigger than ever. They come in all different colours, different materials and different styles. A Bomber is the perfect jacket in 2014 for any occassion. With sporty ones, created by popular well known brands, for the casual tracksuit day or casual smart ones to rock with your jeans. They even come in a crisp leather style to wear with your smart shirt and trouser look. The best thing about this faze is the original 90’s one are just as cool and are available to buy all over the interent at a ridiculously cheap price. Bomber Jackets are retro cool for boys and girls and are a must have for 2014!

bomber jackets

Ripped Jeans

Who said you have to have perfectly fitted jeans to look good? The ripped jean is back and the knee rip is all over celebrities right now. With the likes of One Direction, Kanye West and the Kardashians all rocking them these are right on trend! The ripped jean caused a stir back in the 90’s and everyone who was anyone was wearing a pair. It’s simple but effective and spices up your look instantly. The clean cut perfect image is out and the messy look is back in! These jeans are stocked online and in stores at all your favourite retailers supplied for both genders. The best thing about ripped jeans is the fact that you can be creative yourself. Have you got an old pair of jeans you no longer wear? Cut a slit on both knees, fray the edges of the slits and your old jeans have automatically become new jeans which are right on trend! So what you waiting for? Get cutting!

ropped jeans

Timberland Boots

Tims have always been a constant cool look in Hip Hop and they have never really left the urban scene. They have constantly continued to go in and out of standard fashion though. Jay Z and Beyonce have always been fans of the boot and have always busted a pair through out the years, regardless if they were hot or not! Well guess what…they are hot again! Not only are they perfect for the UK weather right now and will keep you toes nice and toasty, but they look good too! Making an appereance in newly released Hip Hop, RnB and Pop videos means they are a must have! Wear them with the laces loose and the tounge hanging out to create the ultimate cool retro look. Timberland Boots come in all different shapes and sizes with different styles for both genders and for all occassions. Bring the 90’s back in style!



Now Snapbacks have been back in fashion for a few years and we all witnessed the recraze come back into play when Tyga and Chris Brown brought “Snapbacks back” on their hit track from their joint mixtape. However all of a sudden not only is it cool to wear a snapback again but it’s even more cooler to turn it backwards again! Recreating the ultimate Fresh Prince look from the 90’s with a simple hat twist. With thousands and thousands of different styles available every where you can always find a unique one perfect for you. Snapbacks are not just for guys but edge up the casual look for girls too. Rihanna, Rita Ora and Kylie Jenner are just a few female names who have already brought Snapbacks back!

snap backs with chros brown and will smith

Oversized Shirts

The most recent must haves in fashion was tight fitted clothing. With the likes of skinny jeans, skinny fit shirts and skin tight leggings all must haves to fit in with the on trend fashion style, no one thought the baggy era would be making a come back anytime soon. We were so wrong! In 2014 we saw the return of baggy shirts and tees across all high street brands. Similar to the 90’s trend of baggy everything, baggy shirts are back and right on point at the moment. Wheather its a denim shirt, check shirt or a plan t-shirt if it looks too big for you then it’s perfect! It’s not just shirts but it’s tees too making the skater look look dope again. Men are wearing oversized tops with jeans and woman are wearing oversized tops as dresses. If you think the oversized baggy look isn’t for you then throw a check shirt around your waste and you have another new on trend style!

oversized shirts

Baseball/Basketball Jerseys

Baseball and Basketball Jerseys were a thing of the past when Michael Jordan was hitting slam dunks and running around in Space Jam but now they are back and are even popular than before! Similar to the oversized trend a Baseball or Basketball Jersey is best worn baggy and is right on trend right about now. It can be a t-shirt, a vest or a jersey that you throw on to create this slick 90’s throwback style. With the likes of all celebrities wearing them from reality stars to models to singers to rappers you don’t have to be a sports kinda guy or chick to rep them. These are available in all high street stores and all over the internet at very cheap prices. They are perfect for a lazy day look or a quick lunch date. You can’t go wrong with one of these dope throw ons!

baseball jerseys


Now I have never really been a fan of Dungarees myself but maybe that’s because I’m a guy. With that said the ladies seem to love them! They were a hot fashion piece in the past and like a lot of fashion trends they have made their way back round into the style rankings again! Denim or material, done up or hanging loose they are hot right now! They give you the old school look but put you right on point for the current trend. Again these can be a casual look when left to hang loose or a sexy look for a night out with the girls at a club. Lads, I would personally leave these to the girls to wear but if you really can’t help yourself I recommend you wear them in the house for you own enjoyment lol! However if you really can’t resist then throw them on with some Timberland boots and go full out 90’s style for the best possible way of actually being able to pull them off!


So there you have it, a few ways to rock the resurrected 90’s look in 2014! Like I said above, not only is 90’s beats and productions making a comeback in current music but it’s clear to see that the 90’s really are inspiring our fashion looks too. Be on trend and treat yourself this Christmas with some of the most popular must haves from 2014 #Throwback style!

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Words by Joe Waller
Twitter – @JoeWa113r



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