rasberry pi

Do you love playing around with gadgets and gizmos? Are you a tech geek at heart?

You can have heaps of fun playing with all kinds of technology and different products to build something new and exciting and you don’t always need to use the latest technology.

Older products can be just as effective if you know what you are doing but if you want to add something newer to your collection, then Raspberry PI products might be ideal.

You can buy anything from display screens to accessories and they will help you to take your gadgets and gizmos to a whole new level. Companies such as Makersify provide a range of Raspberry PI’s for your inner geek and although it is small, it provides lots of opportunities to create endless new gadgets.

Why Raspberry PI?

This brand is compact and yet superior to many of its rivals and can be used to transform displays from something dull and lifeless into a state-of-the-art projection that is colourful and vibrant. You can use this brand to ensure that your inventions will stand out from the competition and you can order them online to ensure a fast delivery time and a cheap price.

What Can I Make?

There are lots of gadgets that you can make and things that you can do using Raspberry PI products, including:

  • Raspberry PI computer set-up
  • Personalised web servers
  • Audiobook players
  • Automate time-lapse photographs
  • Power an arcade table
  • Create a virtual analogue synthesizer
  • Automatic dog treat dispensers
  • Machines that are voice activated, such as coffee makers

Its tiny size makes it extremely popular with gadget pros and beginners and it is so small it can actually fit inside your pocket. You will need to use an SD card with it, as due to its small size it doesn’t have any storage built-in and you can use the card to store all of your data. The Raspberry PI was created to push computer science lessons in schools and this also means that it has a cheap price tag, which is always welcome news to gadget-makers wanting to keep the cost of their hobby to a minimum.

Old Technology

While this piece of technology is relatively new, there are older products available that can do a similar job.

Here are some ideas about how you can use old technology to create something new:

  • Transform an old mobile phone into a VOIP handset
  • Use an old router to make a wireless internet radio
  • Scan books with an old projector
  • Take an old netbook and turn it into a new touchscreen tablet
  • Build a robot that is powered by your mobile phone
  • Use an old PC and make it into a downloader, NAS and internet PVR

If you love playing around and making new gadgets from old products, then you might want to do some online research to help you to build exactly what you imagine you can.