Two men have 12 hours to kill each other in this exciting game of cat and mouse, however a twisted force is manipulating this simple game and time is running out… I Against I is a gripping British thriller from Stray Dogs Films and is at selected cinemas from 10th August.

Set in the nocturnal underworld in London, Tommy Carmichael, the head of a criminal family is viciously murdered. Distraught, his son Joseph (Womack) wants answers and somebody needs to pay. Ian (Doughty) and Issac (Sigurdssson) were both caught on CCTV separately leaving his office, both denying they are the assassin, they now have to un-wittingly kill each other. Locked in a nightmare of murder, betrayal and jealousy they fight for everything that is important to them – but when a sinister third party complicates matters an explosive end might be their only option.

I against I takes its influence from the 80’s and 90’s films of Ridley Scott and Michael Mann. The producers are big fans of this visual dark noir style. It’s break neck fast pace coupled with the twists and turns maintain high intensity all the way through. With
the story told in flashbacks, we learn the real stories behind the characters and their true motivation, changing our perception of them as the story un-folds. The result is a high octane, edge of your seat thriller.

Directed by Mark Cripps, David Ellison, James Marquand, I Against I stars Kenny Doughty (Stella, City Rats, The Crew), Ingvar Eggert Sigurdsson (K19, Beowulf and Grendel), Mark Womack (Murphy’s Law, Route Irish) John Castle (Robocop 3) and Sónia Balacó (Portuguese presenter and model).

I Against I is released at selected cinemas from 10th August.

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